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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Carom

Everyone knows this. I do not like to forget.

The score is 20-10, the Giants have not scored in a bit, and Flacco is getting comfortable back there because there is no pass rush and the Ravens have figured out that to move the ball you need to sit back and pass (more). So what do they do? They pass again to Mason. On the left side. Carom. Jack-Tatum-esque-bounce-oh-look-what-I-found-Ross-TD.

Game over.

It was not Gilbride's fault that Manning threw the pick near the end of the H1. So this game could have easily been 23-10 or 27-10 at that point. The point here is that it WAS 20-3, then 20-10, then 20-10 with Flacco moving that team, and somewhere the URGENCY was lost in the offense. The Ravens were hanging around.

The defense has been doing a great job on run defense in almost all situations this season. But even when the DL can pin its ears back and gear up for pass rush, there have been more than a few games this season where we have not seen it from the DL. Robbins (hand) has been playing hurt. Tuck gets doubled.

When Robbins gets healthy and this DL can impose its will on teams with 4 pass rushers consistently again, then we can argue about which unit on the team is better. But right now, it is not even close. Not by a country mile. The OFFENSE is the most dominant unit on the team, it is the best offense in the league (I do not care what the Gilbrown-impaired stats say about New Orleans or whoever) and it needs to put away opponents with the same urgency at 20-3 that it does when it is behind the Bengals at 20-16 or when it kicking Seahawk brown.

I've said it here before, 40 points per game. There is no reason this offense cannot score 40 points a game. We just played the Steelers, Eagles and Ravens and this offense (read: OL) imposed its will on ALL OF THEM. Take responsibility for 60 minutes and blow out the score. EVERY GAME. EVERY OPPONENT. Why leave anything for chance with your DL's inconsistent pass rush? I have not begun to look at the Cardinals (last time I saw them was small vs the 49ers and vs the Jets), but that game could be a shootout. If the NY Giants offense plays 60 minutes, it can outscore anyone. You may or may not like it because it is not "old time Giants football," but that is the hand you have been dealt. This Giants OL is unlike anything I for one have ever seen, so have no mercy on opponents and go for the jugular EVERY possession, annihilate these teams, put them ALL away ALL the time. Skill players everywhere at every offensive position. That offensive line is a royal flush, play it for what it is.


Motown Blue said...

Agree, agree, agree.....At some point opposing Ds have to key on the Gs running game via run blitz etc. They have to start slinging it and pick up their passing/Eli's game.

Dline has been a concern and it's a concern against AZ with their WRs. If Ross' hammy is not 100% it's more of a concern. The O needs to score at least 40.

A., I know how you feel about taking Bradshaw off of kickoffs. His #s aren't stellar so now is even more the time to switch too Droughns or Hixon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Why doesn't Coughlin? You figure if he did he would do something about it. Yet nothing changes, except the Seattle game.

Nature said...

Thats why i complain about B-Shaw not getting the rock more...he is a big play guy and i think he can get us more td's than JACOBS and WARD...the holes are huge so if Bradshaw can hold on to the rock get it to him please Mr. Kildrive

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I agree with everyone. It's a love fest here on ULTIMATENYG.

Nature said...

Brandon Jacobs and B-Shaw would be a perfect combo...im looking at the some early season Derrick Ward runs...the guys lacks AGILITY and B-Shaw should be getting those carries....let Ward come in on those obvious runs

Mitch said...

We all agree on Bradshaw, but I'm wondering if this is a possiblity. Given the fact that both Jacobs & Ward are free agents at the end of the year, and it is obvious that Ward will be the most likely to be let go...then wouldn't it make sense to allow Ward to build up his numbers and then allow the Giants to get a higher compensatory pick because of that? Or am I thinking to far out of the box? Reese is pretty shrewd. Already the Shockey trade looks better & better each week as the Saints are just mediocre allowing us higher draft picks in Rounds 2 & 6.

James Allen said...

I had the exact same feeling at 20-10. Why is this team that dominated the first half letting the Ravens back in the game?

I like the poker analogy. It's like the Giants want to slow play pocket aces. Don't keep your opponents in the game so you can get burned on the river by an inside straight. Go for the kill and get these teams to fold early.

Mike said...

Hixon should be returning kickoffs...there is no reason for this not to happen. He returned kicks the end of last season and in the playoffs--and did extremely well. He's done good with punts this year...he's almost broken a few and had one called back in the Eagles game.

As for the 3-headed monster at RB, I continue to say that I'm fine with how all three are used. All three bring different attributes to the table and all three force teams to defend us differently.

That we have arguably one of the best rush offenses in HISTORY, yet people still find a way to complain about it...is amusing to me

Anonymous said...

If we where destroying teams like the 86 team did by the end of the season I would agree with you but we are not. It was 20 to 10 with the Ravens driving again when we got lucky with a very slightly poorly thrown ball that ended up with a pic 6 for us. It could have easly been 20 to 17 in not for that LUCKY play. It should never have gotten to that. If Ahmad gets Jacobs or Wards carries then we are putting ourselves in a better position to win.

Anonymous said...

A quote from Gary Mayers in the Daily News. This must be one of the stupidest things every said about the Giants. The 86 teams turned into one of the best teams in NFL HISTORY. Maybe this years team will have a Vikings 4 and 17 that will catapult them to greatness but to say that about them now is just not knowing what you are talking about. I bet their a at least 5 guys who post on this blog who could do a much better job.

The Jets forced Kurt Warner into six turnovers. He should be good for three or four vs. Giants. If Big Blue is going to rush for 200 yards per game, nobody will beat them. Not even '86 Giants

Mitch said...


I read that article by Meyers also and shook my head. He continues to be as cluless as it comes. He also wrote an article earlier this week about the Giants & Jets meeting in the Super Bowl this year. A little premature...don't you think?

Today is the 30th anniversary of the "Incredible Play Call & Fumble"
Hank Gola listed all the key people involved.

Key characters in the Giants' most infamous play.

JOE PISARCIK: Started first four games of 1979 season before giving way to Phil Simms. Played five more years with Eagles. Is a securities broker in Jersey City.

HERM EDWARDS: Returned to Giants Stadium as coach of Jets and is in third year as Chiefs coach.

JOHN McVAY: Giants coach finished season, but his contract was not renewed. Joined 49ers front office and helped assemble Niners dynasty.

DICK VERMEIL: Eagles head coach took team to playoffs for first time in 18 seasons. Two years later, made it to Super Bowl. Won Super Bowl XXXIV with Rams.

LARRY CSONKA: Fullback who never got handoff returned to Dolphins in 1979. Entered Hall of Fame in 1987. Lives in Alaska and hosts outdoor TV series.

DOUG KOTAR: Running back who missed block on blitzing Edwards played for two more seasons before developing brain tumor in 1982. Died in December 1983, at age 32.

MARION CAMPBELL: Philly defensive coordinator who called all-out blitz succeeded Vermeil as Eagles head coach. Lasted three years in Philly and finished his career as Falcons head coach from 1987-89.

JIM CLACK: Center who may have snapped ball early because time was running out retired as a Giant after 1981. Died of heart failure after battle with cancer in 2006.

BOB GIBSON: Offensive coordinator who called play was fired next day and never worked in football again. He ran deli/bait shop on Sanibel Island in Florida where he also has cattle ranch.

xtian said...

this isn't the end of the season yet. the 86 nyg were 8-2 and winning almost all their games by 3 or 4 pts--in the 1st 13 games all but 2 were decided by 7 pts or less; only 35-3 vs eagles and 20-7 vs sd wins. then they got on a roll and won by 10, 20, 35 to end the season and continued into the playoffs with 46, 17, and 19. so calm down folks, we will see soon enough. :)

xtian said...

see this link for recap:

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