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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Beautiful Game: Prevent Offense

On Saturday we did a little soul searching for why Ultimatenyg came to be, what drives this site. I take it all back, it was all a crock of Brown*, the real reason why Ultimatenyg exists is to preach one message above all else:


What is so pathetic is that I have become so anesthetized to the prevalence of the Prevent, that when it occurs I shake my head in dismay and take it up the Brown like the Brown that I am. I have been beaten into submission. I am carrying a glass of water thinking this will be my vessel to hydrate the desert. I am fighting with sticks against tanks. It got to be so bad Sunday night that all I could think was- well at least it isn't TWO possessions of nausea like in Dallas last January.

If I could rid this planet of the scourge that is the Prevent Offense, I would gladly consider my life complete. James Allen so eloquently asks aloud, "why is it noble to trust the defense to end the game but not the offense?"

FACT: the Giants OL was dominant Sunday night

FACT: the Giants DL could NOT get pressure on McNabb

So why try to win the game with the defense when the OL can get it done ALL game except with RRRK? The prevent offense is horseBrown. The coaching staff did a great job, this was a great win that we are entitled to celebrate, but we want to know: Why can't they have a little more respect for themselves and their opponent by playing 60 minutes instead of 54:30?

* Dave "Brown" has been chosen as the Official curse word of Ultimatenyg 2008 NY Giants season. (For 2009, we'll put it to a vote, but I think "Handley" has the inside track. Other candidates include Dayne and Rust.)


Mitch said...

Since we won and we now are left to "nitpick"...here goes.

1) The Giants' O-Line was indeed dominant. So why did we resort to so many shotgun formations and not use much, more play action? It would have worked perfectly. They couldn't stop our ground game and then the fakes would have been just beautiful and resulted in a much more efficient passing game and probably not have resulted in the defense in having to win the game.

As a side bar, the 1986 the O-Line was called "The Suburbanites"...I think it is time for us bloggers to create a "moniker" for the present O-Line....any suggestions?

As far as pressuring the Eagles, it seemed to me we blitzed alot less and were more concerned with stopping Westbrook (which proved correct...(13 carries/ 26 yds)

I'm perfectly content with "horsebrown" for this season. But when you bring up Rod Rust, our famous DC whose mantra was "read & react" and then Ray Handley...it is no contest and my vote would be for "Bull-Handley" or "What the Handley" was he thinking?

TonyM said...

"Rust" gets my vote. It's brown, it ruined a great defense, and it forced Pepper Johnson and Mark Collins out of town.

Motown Blue said...

O-line nickname.....the 5 boroughs. Handley gets my vote. The worst coach in football history forcing Simms into retirement.

Daniel said...

I like the five boroughs as a name for the o-line: been together for years, and always interconnected. Chris Snee would be Manhattan, because he's the one everyone knows, and Rich Seubert would have to be Staten Island because he's the one everyone forgets about.

And while the five boroughs were dominant last night, the defense as a unit is just so good, Gilbride is using it as a crutch. And that worries me for next year, when Spags is the head coach of Oakland/St. Louis/Arizona/San Francisco.

This year, though, Spags has the defense playing at a ridiculously high level, and the team can rely on them to close out games. The RRRK Gilbride offense is here to stay for the time being, and I don't know that I've ever heard of a super bowl winning offensive coordinator being fired after a super bowl and a playoff appearance in consecutive years. I do wish it would happen, though.

Bob said...

Handley, for certan. Just recallng that name gives me a headache. Soo
many painfull years.

How about "Bulldozer" for the O line,says it all

dberenson said...

What, no love for "Pisarcik"? As in, "What the Pisarcik was that play call?" Or, "Holy Pisarcik, how can you drop that pass?"

Is there a more infamous name in Giants history?

Anonymous said...

Dan Reeves cut Phil Simms in favor of Dave Brown. Yes, that really happened. Lets combine Reeves and Brown and say, " what in Dan Brown where was killdrive thinking" It will be cool. Only true fans will know what the D Brown we are talking about.

Mitch said...

It's funny because Pisarcik does conjure up some memories as being the main culprit with the most futile play in Giants history, "The Incredible play call & Fumble" (I think Bob Gibson was the OC who called that play, I know John McVay was the HC)

But, because of that play we wound up with George Young as the GM and the rest is history. For me, he doesn't qualify but Rocky Thompson sure does. (1st round bust in 1972)

If you had to rank them I think Ray Handley tops the list, at least for me.

Love all the O-Line talk...(5 Boroughs is cool)...how do you feel about...Block 'N' Blue?

Cody said...

Here's a thought - when Eli makes a bad pass, can we use one of the following euphemisms:

A) "Boy Eli really Kannel'd that one!"

B) "I hate when Eli Maddoxes passes like that"

C) "WTF was Eli thinking with that godGraham pass!"

bruno said...

The Pisarcik play was the greatest play that the Giants ever made; I just didn't know it at the time. Its was that play that made the Giants what they r today.

Craig said...

Ron Dayne gets my vote, Mr. Thunder!

Anonymous said...

Block 'N' Blue

That gets my vote.

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