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Thursday, November 6, 2008

more Hall ideas

Wonder: If D.Hall goes to Pats, I'm going to barf...he's not a press cover kind of guy, but he's excellent in Zone and understands how to play Pats' scheme....so I PRAY jints grab him as he'd be PERFECT for their system as they hardly ever leave their corners on an island..and when they do, the QB usually doesn't have time to go deep. In any event, I'm not sure he could get totally acclimated by time of Jet game...but he would def bolster a pathetic secondary of the pats.

Ultimatenyg: Hall could take the corner and Ross takes the nickel slot.

Wonder: Totally agree...and IF moron Hall is smart, he'll go to Jints as they will 'protect' him the best..would be real smart for NYG as they are "strong" enough in the locker room to keep him in line with team goals...

Ultimatenyg: Re him being smart to go to the Giants, he has a reputation, deserved (Atl) or not (Oak). This could be a very good move for him to go to the Giants, leverage his skills behind that DL, get a ring, and re-establish his value/career in the league. Could you imagine this lucky peckerwood, making $8M, getting released, going to the SB champs, putting them over the top and helping them win ANOTHER ring? Others would be dismayed (understatement) to believe this guy's good 'luck.' All he has to have is the slightest bit of intelligence and it is all his (and the Giants).

Wonder: All true..but I'm betting on Pats getting Hall...2nd- Cowboys.

Ultimatenyg: I am counting on Reese's interest from last Feb still being there.. if he was interested with a #2 being asked, he has to have interest for him as a free agent. If Reese gets outbid, so be it, but he kills two birds w one stone if Dallas is interested. And why even give NE any help either?! They're in the other conference but w Brady around, no need to help them.

Addendum: video on Hall added. He cleared waivers earlier this evening. Get him please.


Motown Blue said...

A. doesn't sound like you have that much confidence in Hall..."Gs wouldn't leave him on an island".

I would rather see him go to Dallas, another character issue to let them implode.

I agree, Ross is a concenr 1 on 1 as his speed is his detriment. Spags demands his CBs be physical at the line to slow/disrupt the route development. But, I too would like to see him as nickel and maybe Thomas as starter in future.

We can speculate all we want, but I have confidence that Reese will make the right decision for the team and at the right price.....The guy has made some fairly good decision lately hasn't he??

Andy F. said...

In Reese We Trust.

As for leaving ANY WR on an island, few can do that. I am a big supporter of Webster, he can be left on an island with many WRs. Before Sehorn got hurt in '98, he could be left 1:1 WITH ANYONE.

For all the digs at Ross, he is still in his second year, has been played hurt earlier in the season and may be hurt now for all I know, and his style is physical bump and run at the line of scrimmage, which is the new nfl where throwing off timing is at a premium. As long as the DL is there to disrupt the QB and not give the QB 18 seconds to sit back with a ham sandwich, then there won't be time for the double move all the way down the field, which most CBs can't handle anyway. Wonder just hates it when CBs get roasted by 5+ yards, which Ross has done a few times now. The Giants won't let Ross have Jackson on single coverage over the top, end of story.

Craig said...

Obviously Ross must be doing something right to still be our No 1 corner. Nickle corner is a harder position bc the WR can go anywhere, deep, out, in, short, over the middle. When your outside the numbers, the WR cant really go outside all that much. I would like to see Thomas play before you knight him the future star.

Ross can still be great. Why is everyone hating on Ross all of a sudden? He's done good of late. I think Hall would mess with the chemistry of the backfield. I don't like the idea of bringing in a guy who thinks hes the best one out there, even if he is. (Plax started thinking he was better than everyone after he got here if that's whats your thinking).

Dockery's injury isn't serious is it? I don't think it is, but if it is, then I would maybe consider it, but I wouldn't give him $8 million though even if they do bring him in.

Andy F. said...

It is kind of unusual to have a free agent with Hall's talent become available at this time of the year. So the ability to plug him in for a stretch run when you are 7-1 is enticing, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU SHOWED INTEREST IN HIM IN THE OFFSEASON TOO. Personally, thus far I have noticed Terrell Thomas seems to be injured or about to get injured.. these are some of the reasons why a guy like Hall can be appealing. His talent plus Spags' schemes can make some beautiful music. The interview for this guy is very important, because I want to hear that he has head on straight and genuinely is willing to work within Spags' system. The good news about Spags is that he is smart enough to have it fit around Hall too.

I just added a video on the guy to the post, watch it and think VERY BIG THOUGHTS. A guy like this behind our DL can be quite BIG.

KP said...

I'm glad we didn'tget Hall. Some people just don't deserve titles and he is one of them. He is way overrated. Screw him!!!

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