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Friday, May 8, 2009

Rookie Minicamp

Ralph Vacchiano gives an excellent preview/primer for what we need to know about the rookies at minicamp this weekend.

I disagree with Ralph on one point- you can sometimes tell about a rookie who is shot out of a cannon. He hits the ground running. The coaches and veteran players that get glimpses will sometimes (infrequently, but yes, it happens) gush at a rookie. I remember it happening with Shockey, where the whispers started here. It happened to lesser extent with Phillips last year, and his rookie year contribution was ... to a lesser extent. If a player has strong buzz in rookie minicamp, it is meaningful. What does "strong" mean? You do not want to hear ANYTHING nebulous about the player. If the words are unequivocal, you can get excited. You'll know the difference. If you have to guess, then it is not there. This has zero to do with them making contributions. It has everything to do with them making an impact, starting their first pro game. Contributing IMMEDIATELY. You'll know.


Mitch said...

This will be a very early indication of well Jerry Reese and company have done this year. Reese has been near perfect in the time he has been at the helm, and been pretty much devoid of criticism. And he deserves that accolade.

However, I think he will come under much scrutiny if Nicks & Barden do not make an impact by mid season. He had the opportunity to trade for either Edwards or Bolden with those picks used to select them. I understand why he didn't ( mainly economic ) but I've said before that the Giants are a "win now" type of team with a 3-5 year window of competing for championships.

Most of us believe we were well on our way last year until the Plaxico incident...ahem backfired ( no pun intended ) For me, I was hoping for the veteran receiver to come in and fill the void Plax left. Edwards/Bolden would have been perfect in that regard.

That is mainly why I hope he was right and that the wide receivers can absorb the NFL playbook quickly, learn the nuances of being able to break free of press coverage, run precise routes, and not to mention hold on to the ball. Not easy for a first year wideout on the NFL level.

As far as Barden goes, if he can just run that fade in the end zone out leap defenders and hold on to Eli's errant throws it will be deemed a perfect pick.

I have to give Reese the utmost respect here, even if I am a little hesitant.

Anonymous said...

A few years ago during a rookie camp or mini camp some reporters asked Belichick if he had ever coached a rookie who showed something early. He responded by saying it didn't take him long to see that Lawrence Taylor would have an impact.

Will the Giants have a rookie like that this year? No, but neither will any other team.

I'd be happy if 4 or 5 guys had the impact this year the rookie class of the Super Bowl champs of a couple of years ago had
on that team. Of course more can't hurt.

Mitch said...

Garafalo's report:


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