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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Andre Brown

"In his third year, ANDRE BROWN will be the featured back of the NY Giants," says Wonder. "He is a Giant STEAL."

Strong prediction for Andre Brown. Wonder is on record. One caveat of course whenever making a football prediction- he needs to be healthy. Brown had an issue with his foot in 2007 and 2008, but he put that behind him and finished strong in 2008.

Back to the present, it is 2009 and we're still the Bradshawlics, eagerly awaiting to see if he can make something of his opportunity as the #2 back NOW. Glauber and I (and many commenters here on the blog) are looking for a breakout year from #44. breakout year from #44. breakout year from #44. Oops, broken record.

Here is to Andre Brown's future- if Wonder is right in 2011 we are going to have to rename the official curse word.


Motown Blue said...

My prediction will be that the official curse word to replace Brown will be Gilbride.

Coincidentally the supplemental draft is today I believe per the Fifth Down:


Toni compares the system Brown was in, Spurrier, versus the modern day edition of Mike Leach and his QBs gaudy stats.

Mitch said...

I have always said that "Handley" should be the official curse word for us bloggers.

One of the very few mistakes that George Young made by naming him over Belichick.

So I am rooting hard for Brown and Bradshaw to compliment Jacobs this season. We can finally use the name "Handley" for which it most rightly deserves.

Andy F. said...

I thought when (loved, but selfish brown) Parcells left the Giants IN MAY 1991, that he screwed George Young and the Giants by leaving them in the lurch. I may be wrong about this, but wasn't Belichick hired by the Browns after the Super Bowl win and before the Parcells exit? I would think GBY would have had a no-brainer if he had the choice of taking Belichick or Handley.

Tomorrow I will share a story about Handley and the prescient comments of a dear friend named Garo Hampar.

Mitch said...


The true story is that Belichick would never have been George Young's choice. I remember in an interview that G.Y. did he felt Belichick did not have the "people skills" to relate to people. (Hmmmm....) Young was never a fan. B.B. knew this and took the Cleveland job. But yes you are right about Parcells...he really screwed the Giants over by letting them know of his decision way too late. ( and of course that became what Bill Parcells has always done...left before the job was done )

The difference is that Parcells helped us get 2 rings. Of course he never achieved that with anyone else.

My point really was that Young's mistake was in over estimating Handley's abilities as a Head Coach. The little I remember about him is that he was very good with numbers but could not relate that to football all that well. I think he lives somewhere in Vegas. I remember when he was found a few years back he repeatedly would not grant any interviews or discuss his time with Giants with anyone.

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