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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dysfunctional Dallas Defense

Remarkable things from former Cowboy Greg Ellis...

We knew things were pretty bad in Dallas when that team underachieved in all sorts of ways. Before the 2008 season started we projected Dallas as the best team.. but that assumes the talent on paper will be used properly by the coaching staff.

Wonder scratched his head in bewilderment at how the team was missing in action in Early October 2008: "the Dallas defense ('like I said after the W2 eagles mon night game') is over-rated. You give up 37 points to the eagles and then you let Washington control the ball like that? bad. It is not about the players. Schemes are not good."

Just three days ago when discussing our 2009 defense, we pointed out that Canty may be even better than we think because he was part of an underachieving unit with a coordinator that is now gone.

And now we get the revelation yesterday that the lights were on but nobody was home. DeMarcus Ware was playing possom on the sidelines just to get his buddy Greg Ellis out on the field for more snaps! What the Brown is going on??!! Was it THAT bad? The last time I heard of this kind of insurrection it was LT telling Steve DeOssie to call one of the old defensive setups in revolt against the Rod-Rust-read-n-react bullbrown of Ray Handley's WeaveGoldIntoStraw Days. Woof. It certainly begins to answer questions about how such a great team on paper was coming up empty.


Brian Anderson said...

Overblown. Ellis has always been a bit of a tool.

Russ Wellen said...

Speaking of Dallas, do we really need Brandon Jacobs saying things like this about Tony Romo on ESPN 1050 (according to Pro Football Talk)?

I don't think he's that good a passer, to be honest with you," Jacobs said.

Jacobs believes that Romo can't survive as a pure pocket passer. Much of Romo's success comes while improvising on the run.

"I'm not a fan of Tony Romo, no. Keep him in the pocket, he's not that good. . . . His luck will be gone sooner or later. If you were to keep Tony Romo in the pocket he's not that effective."

Bob said...

The Dallas D was so disfunctional that they held the playoff bound NYG to 8 pts in a 20-8 win in week 15.

Who's disfunctional? Maybe our O.

Andy F. said...

Good point, Bob. Remember, that was the game where every down it was a Dallas blitzing jailbreak until THE END OF Q3 when Gilbrown finally removed his head from his buttocks and called a screen to Bradshaw. The play went for 16 and silenced the crowd. But then.. no more screens called the entire game. EIGHT SACKS for Eli. Way to slow'em up, Gilbrown. Not. Way to protect your QB from SERIOUS INJURY. Not.

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