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Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Best Offensive Player of All Time?

If LT is the greatest Defensive Player of all time, then this guy is arguably the greatest Offensive Player of all time. I saw highlights, I saw stats, but the most impressive thing is that many decades later, people still compare his domination to that of Michael Jordan in basketball. We even heard that from Benigno too. You can argue Jerry Rice (Wonder's pick) or one of the QBs like Unitas/Montana/Elway/Marino. But how do you argue with a guy who AVERAGED 100+ yards per game HIS ENTIRE CAREER?! Who never missed a game?! Who never missed a Pro Bowl?! I'll take Jim Brown and LT as my two (offensive and defensive) best players ever.


Anonymous said...

Never saw him play but did he do those things on bad teams? Elway would be my choice. He took mediocre teams to the SB.

Charles Wantman said...

I saw Jim Brown play in Municipal Stadium in Cleveland when I was a student at Oberlin. Not to be believed. One of the elements that sticks with me is that he used to get up from the pile at the end of a run like he could hardly walk another step, slowly make his way back to the huddle, and then he was off again like lightning on the next play. I also had a friend named Joe Horn at Oberlin who played Lacrosse with him in an all-star game. He would probably get the vote for best lacrosse player of all time as well.

xtian said...

from the guys i saw, on defense i would say LT and then reggie white/ray lewis. for offense, i would say elway and then either barry sanders/oj/earl campbell.

i think montana is overrated and i saw him a lot. he was in the great walsh system with rice, though still clutch. sf just had great teams. walsh wanted to draft simms but the giants beat him to the punch. he said simms would have had just as much success as montana did playing for him.

unfortunately, i didn't see jim brown, but looking at the stats he was simply amazing. great lacrosse player too, and basketball.

Russ Wellen said...

I remember watching Jim Brown on TV against the Giants as a kid. Aside from his famous old-man's arising from a tackle, he had another quirk not often remarked upon. If, after Frank Ryan or whoever handed the ball off to him and the blocking broke down, he made no effort to save the play and let himself be tackled.

Probably a smart act of self-preservation, but today he might take heat for it like some runners do for running out of bounds or receivers do for alligator arms.

Bob said...

I saw Jim Brown play many times when I was a kid. He was incredible.

He had an incredible physique.Tall,
big shoulders and a small waist.
He was a big man, but he was also very fast. He could outrun the DB's. You absolutely had to gang tackle him, to get him down, he was so powerful.I remember many plays with 3 or 4 Giants holding on to him before he went down. Everybody knew he was going to get the ball most of the time, yet he still couldn't be stopped.

He gave the Giants fits. Hard to compare him vs. another RB, depends so much on the OL.

Mitch said...

There has been no better offensive football player EVER than Jim Brown!!!!

I saw him play and yes Charles Wantman said what I remember best about JB is that he always looked like "death warmed over" after getting up from the fray. Then he would get the ball again and bowl over 5 guys before being tackled. I think he averaged 5.2 yds per carry lifetime. Amazing!

Sam Huff always said that he became a household name because he just happened to be the guy that attached himself to Jim Brown's legs.

He played 9 years and walked away from the game, (unheard of until Barry Sanders did the same) and became an actor. Loved him in the "Dirty Dozen"

As for best Defensive Player ever...there will never be another LT in my lifetime...Period!

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