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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who's going to have a breakout year?

Mike Garafolo of NJ.COM has been conducting a summer questionnaire for departing Giants players after minicamp OTAs. A lot of it is human interest, but one thing we felt was info on the margin (especially when aggregated together as a group) were the answers to the same question...

"Excluding yourself, who's going to be the breakout player on this team this year?"

Justin Tuck> "Jay Alford"
Michael Johnson> "Aaron Ross"
Danny Clark> "Sinorice Moss"
Chris Snee> "Domenik Hixon"
Kevin Boothe> "Osi Umenyiora"
Chris Canty> "Hakeem Nicks"
Mathias Kiwanuka> "Domenik Hixon"
Adam Koets> "Steve Smith"
Corey Webster> "Michael Johnson"


Motown Blue said...

I am torn between who should have a breakout year and who I think will have a breakout year. Unfortunately, due to the system and coordinator Boss will probably not be able to break out due to the shackles placed on him. He has all the physical skills and soft hands to be a dominating TE in this league but he was woefully underutilized last year.

Tuck is my candidate for a breakout year. Some would say that he is already DE all pro etc. But last year he had to deal with double and triple teaming due to the lack of depth on the DL. The addition of Canty, Bernard and Osi coming back will allow him more space and one on one opportunities. This year he will show how he is truly a man amongst boys.

Bob said...

Interesting that none of them picked Kevin Boss.

What do they know that we don't ?

Pastime Princess said...

Bob Said, "What do they know that we don't ?"


Mitch said...

Pastime Princess...

Your answer reminds me of what was said about Michael Jordan when he attended North Carolina.

Who can stop Michael Jordan from scoring?

The answer was....Dean Smith

The same philosophy holds here.

Oxbay said...

I hope many, heck most, Giants improve and have their best year yet. If I had to choose who had a recognized great year by people around the league it would be Eli Manning. Would that make it a breakout year? I don't know.

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