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Thursday, July 30, 2009

David Tyree

Someone please tell us.. how does David Tyree get a roster spot? If Smith, Hixon, Moss, Manningham, Nicks or Barden get hurt badly and go on season-ending IR, okay, we know that one. But let's assume those 6 stay healthy. How does he stick? Everyone knows his special teams play, but at his age, he needs to be doing more. I am not so sure he would have made the team last year either- w/o the PUP he was likely the odd man out last year as well. This year he'll likely be a roster casualty. Some team short on WRs and specials will pick him up.


Anonymous said...

I hope your wrong but can't disagree. It is a heartless business.

Mitch said...
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Mitch said...

I'm not sure that Sinorice Moss has more value than David Tyree.

You, however may be right Andy. We all know Tyree has value on special teams, but as a receiver he has the numbers working against him. We all know David has had to overcome a lot of adversity to remain on the team with injuries and his own personal demons.

But if he does leave, then.....

He can always say, "I will always have Glendale"

and when we always think of him...a big grin will "always" appear on our faces.

Bob said...

Don't forget, Tyree made the pro bowl
a few years ago for his special teams play.

Bob said...

Then what happens to Beckum ?
Andy, does he make the team ?

Why on earth did we draft him in the third round when good guards were still availible ?

Mitch said...


I think that NFL teams view Guards in the league as lower level talent. What I mean by that is that QB, RB, WR, OT, DE & CB are viewed as harder to fill positions on an NFL roster. The Guard is someone that could always be filled in later rounds. But remember this is just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Tell me again what Moss and Manningham have done. Special teams? From scrimmage? I thought Moss did pretty well last year when given the opportunity from the line of scrimmage. Manningham looked small slow and clueless. Neither one contributed on special teams.

We know that Tyree is a clutch player who makes TD grabs in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. He also makes other kinds of world renowned catches. This is in addition to his stellar performance on special teams. Why would we want to discount that?

I'd rather have Tyree than Moss or Manningham.

Andy F. said...

The word is that Manningham has learned the playbook, thinking less and playing more, that he had a good offseason. The Giants believe in his potential, his future. They know what Tyree's potential is- the present.

Moss is past that. He looked very good last year when he got snaps, which was vs Seattle and Minnesota. When Burress went down Moss should have gotten more snaps and did not, which was curious. I still do not understand exactly why, but if you go to the May 14th post, you can see what Gilbride said. I'll paste it at the bottom.

Beckum is a TE, he'll make the team from that position.

The NFL is just as much about your potential as your current output. It is why the Giants almost never give up on a 1st or 2nd rounder until 4 years. Manningham is to the Giants a 1st or 2nd rounder who dropped to the end of the 3rd round. Moss is a 2nd rounder. Read Gilbride's response to the Moss question and help me to understand why he did not get more involved last year.

Q (from reporters): What makes you think Sinorice Moss will flourish?

A (Gilbride): Because I think last year he had his best year and again, I said to him a couple of times at the end, “We are sitting you down but it is not because you are not contributing.” Because I think he was playing pretty good football. And every time we threw him the ball – I may be off by one – but I think every throw we made to him, he made; he made the catch. There is a place for his speed and his quicks that I thought he did a much better job last year. And he always, for a little guy, gets after people blocking, which helps in the running game; he does those things. So I think his confidence is a little bit improved. I think our confidence in him is a little bit expanded. So I think it is reasonable to think that he can maybe take one more step forward as he did last year and become a guy that gets a chance to play. Last year it really just came down to the kicking game. We wound up just sitting him down because he wasn’t contributing as much as some other guys were on special teams.

... so the bottomline, Giants fans, is that as long as Manningham and Moss stay healthy and execute in camp, they are going to win out and Tyree will lose. IF Moss gets hurt again, he will not have enough confidence from staff and Tyree will get the spot. Manningham has to look like brown AND get hurt to lose his roster spot.

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