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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eli Manning Q&A

Fan Forum with Eli Manning

1) You have to be a PSL owner in order to ask questions in the forum. That changes everything! I'm getting the checkbook out and spending 20K... for my DAUGHTER'S COLLEGE.

2) Manning notes how the Giants passing game will be going to deeper throws. Is his accuracy up to the task when not throwing to the tall receiver? How many times do we see the WR make major adjustments to meet the ball? (Amani mastered the art of slowing down and then reaccelerating to catch the ball in stride at the end of the play. He smartly used his body as a barrier vs the defender. Will these young WRs know/learn how to do that?)

3) Manning made a mistake, said the ill-fated Manningham reverse was vs PHL in the playoffs, when it was in Week 14.

4) The question about Gilbride/Coughlin predictable playcalling was off the mark... it is not about flea-flickers and reverses, which we do not advocate here on this NY Giants blog. It is about play action and screen passes when they are loading the box on the run. It is about a flare to Bradshaw. It is about delayed passes to Boss just above the line of scrimmage to break tendency on his blocking assignments.

5) Hey PSL owners, next time ask Eli how he plans to improve his throwing of the ball into the wind.


GoodPunk6 said...

Andy, I didn't know you were such an expert on playcalling! Were you ever an offensive coordinator for a football team? A position coach? Let me know something because I still have no idea why you think draw plays and screens are the savior against blitzes. I'm NOT disagreeing with you, but I think that you're entire philosphy is based on some stupid card game that you played when you were a kid. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure that you've admitted that on this blog.

I think I'm done with this blog. It never offers insight to the actual, "happenings," or inner working of the team. All we ever get from this blog is a negative point of view.

By god, you've even gone as far as saying that you would give up Eli for Matt Ryan.

Thanks but no thanks. Take care Andy.

Motown Blue said...

GoodPunk6, Explain to me why Haley utilized 6 screens against the Eagles the following week and what was the outcome of that game? The Eagles are known for being very aggressive with their LBs and the way to take advantage of that and slow them down is by utilizing screens to the RBs and TEs, flares and quick slants over the middle. This is not rocket science and who ever said football is a high IQ game?

By the way, talk about calling the kettle black on negativity and lack of "insight" all I have ever seen from your posts are attacks against anyone else who has a point of view on this site. I believe everyone would be better served if you refrained from viewing this site now and in the future. We are not here to promote your point of view and viciously put down everyone elses view.

GoodPunk6 said...


Again, I DO NOT disagree that draws and screens have an effect on blitzes.

I'm sure that Tom Coughlin would disagree about football NOT being a high IQ game.

As far as my posts go, they are usually complaints about the same stuff I was just writing about. I have NEVER put any reader's insight down. Only Andy's, or whoever blogs on this thing.

Also, if you're not a moderator, please don't get involved. Thank you.

Bob said...


Please live up to your word and leave this blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree, Andy does know what he is talking about and I will continue to read this blog daily The only site I have ever found that understands football as well as Andy is Coldhardfootballfacts.com

xtian said...

whoa! this is what happens in the off season between the draft and preseason. there is little action to talk about. :/

very unusual for manning to make a mistake on remembering when a play happened. no biggie. i never worry about his prep, study, or nerves, only his accuracy.

i also say that football is becoming more and more about IQ from the coaching ranks. the game is still very physical--blocking and tackling--but fooling and surprising people is also key.

gadget plays are good to have--parcells was the best at that--a little doubt can make you a fraction slow. just 1 more thing to think about. it's good to have a little seed of unpredictability. [i did think it was interesting for coughlin/gilbride to say they didn't need the gadgets because in general they were moving the ball so well--quite true.] but for the most part, we aren't complaining about that, more about regular offensive plays used against particular defenses like philly's blitzing. i agree with the blog on this point.

the psl-ers threw softball or plain ignorant questions. oh, well.

Anonymous said...

Yes Xtain, i agree completely, Eli is fine except for his accuracy. I believe he is the complete package aside from that. Unfortunately in the NFL today the margin of error can and is sometimes just a few plays and if he missed a few every game that adds up to no SB appearances and wins.

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