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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrell Owens exit explained

Jerry Jones' son Stephen made some candid remarks to Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports on why Terrell Owens was released:

"It’s hard (for Tony Romo) to take over leadership when you’ve got a strong personality like Terrell,” Jones said. “If you look back at our old teams [from the 1990s], a lot of people would say maybe Michael [Irvin] was the leader. Then you might say, ‘He was a receiver. What about Troy [Aikman]? He was the quarterback. Wasn’t he the leader?’ And the answer is, yeah, Troy was a leader. But if Michael wasn’t supportive of him, Troy would’ve had problems.

“A lot of our players thought the world of Terrell – they still do. They loved the way he prepared and how hard he played, and everybody respected his skills and what he’d done in the league. And with him here, I think he was always going to carry that kind of weight.”

For a 1 year contract, all Owens can do is one thing: play football. The Bills did fine. This is a game of hearts- shoot the moon.

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