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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sinorice Moss- June 2009 edition

Sinorice Moss has had some trouble with injuries bogging him down. On Tuesday, Day 1 of a 3 day minicamp, he pulled his hamstring in the afternoon practice. He will sit out of the rest of minicamp but says he will be fine. With hamstrings, they linger and just when you think a player is ok, a week later he is bogged down. But with 6 weeks off before training camp, this does not rate to be a big problem.

Assuming Moss recovers quickly, the early returns are very good. If it comes together for the 4th year player, it will not be too late. Everyone knows that the Giants need- one or two of these young WRs to step out and make an impact.

We never understood why Moss did not get more playing time last season. Then again, there are a lot of things we do not understand about our coordinator. In limited action Moss did really well, and we noted his impact vs Seattle and Minnesota.. assuming he can stay healthy, more touches will help the team. Give him a chance in 3 or 4 games and see how he does. He deserves that much.


Anonymous said...

When given the opportunity last year Moss performed well.

All too often he seems to have these hamstring problems. They might cost him millions of dollars. For him and his team's sake I hope that's not the case.

Andy F. said...

Oxbay, you are correct. You can have all the talent in the world, but if you cannot stay healthy in the NFL you are not going to play. RB Sean Bennett comes to mind as a player that had some ability yet could not stay on the field. Moss must stay healthy and deliver. The Giants loved the speed of Carter, another #2 WR, yet had to cut bait after enough time had gone by with one too many injuries. The time for Moss is NOW. Right NOW. 2009.

Russ Wellen said...

Coughlin in NY Post on rookies Sintim, Beatty, and Beckum, out with hammies (italics added):

"We've been looking at a couple of young guys who have been out forever," coach Tom Coughlin said yesterday. "Why they've not progressed to the point where they can come back . . . part of it is because there's such a short window to work with them and when they miss that amount of time it hurts 'em."

Really don't like to see the side of a coach that pressures players to come back early from injuries, especially this time of year.

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