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Monday, June 1, 2009

Boomer speaks to Manning, Nicks

MSG moments from ~last week. (We see these things faster than they get posted, but in the offseason you have to string'em out a little bit or else you can go for days without anything.)

Boomer interview with Manning. Nice comment on Andre Brown.

Hakeem Nicks shows up at minute 8:00 of the video segment.

1 comment:

Andrew Nisinson said...

I gotta say, I'm happy we got Nicks instead of Maclin. I think he is going to be much more of an immediate impact player and he is the perfect kinda WR for Eli. This guy has ridiculous hands, he's got incredible body control, he just finds ways to get open and he runs after the catch like a TE or an RB. He's physical, tough and athletic. Maclin needs route running experience and players like that who are incredible athletes but undisciplined very often take a long time to develop and just as often turn out to be busts. I think Nicks is just as NFL ready as Michael Crabtree. Nicks had a stable of sub-par QB's throwing to him, and he was still a super star. Even in the windy meadowlands, he should be great at going up and getting the ball... he plays like he's bigger than he is.

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