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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Back by popular demand. The first repeat post. Not good.. A GREAT SHOW.. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Strahan, Manning and Coughlin. 6 Parts. One great story produced by the NFL Network.

A classic from Friday September 12, 2008

America's Game Part 1- The 2007 Giants

America's Game Part 2

America's Game Part 3

America's Game Part 4

America's Game Part 5

America's Game Part 6


Robert said...

Great series from the NFL network. one of the few valuable shows NFL network puts out (my opinion only). Check out the other Americas game shows (all Super Bowl teams done through XLII) and Missing Rings. Wish they would continue with the Missing rings

Bob said...

Brings back all the ups & downs of 2007....a most unbelieveable season.
It was so incredible to win the SB in 2007 after the many big disappointments during the reglar season.

I only hope we make a run at a similar season sometime soon.

Mitch said...

That particular DVD is still not for sale. What are they waiting for? Would have been a perfect Father's Day gift.

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