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Friday, June 5, 2009

Brian Westbrook gets the knife today

Trivia question: Brian Westbrook is 29 years old. How many seasons has he started all 16 games for the team? Answer- NONE. And we just found out a few days ago that Westbrook will be having his second surgery of the offseason TODAY. He had arthroscopic knee surgery earlier in the offseason, and now ankle surgery to clean out bone spurs. This is not going to help him stay on the field in 2009 because his offseason preparation is going to be impaired. Westbrook is a great player who absolutely kills the Giants when he is healthy. But the good news for the Giants is that he cannot stay healthy for very long.


Mitch said...

When Westbrook finally retires, then and only then will I feel comfortable playing Philly.

xtian said...

philly did pick up a decent RB in the draft, but there's only one westbrook. philly's offense isn't much w/o him though it looks like they finally have some WRs to worry about.

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