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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Matt Ryan

Eli Manning is a good QB, cool under pressure, he won us a championship. He enters his 6th year with the confidence befitting a veteran. He had a good offseason and (generally speaking) makes improvements each year. WITH ALL OF THIS SAID... I trade him straight up for Matt Ryan IN A HEARTBEAT.

For Ryan to make a big leap his second year, not a surprise here at all. We are going to have our hands full (we play ATL after the bye), this kid is the real deal.


Football University said...

And who has been behind Matt Ryan? Mike Kruczek, current FBU quarterback coach who helped Ryan become the first QB selected in the NFL draft.

Nature said...

who smoking the WACKY TABACKY....let RYAN play morw than 17 games of football first please....

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I'd trade him up for Eli or not. But. Ryan has impressed me since he was drafted. I heard a radio interview with him and thought if I was a Falcons fan I'd be very happy that they picked Ryan. He is a leader. He's also a player.

Eli is one talented dude with 2 enormous albatrosses slung across his shoulders, his father and his brother. To live up to or exceed those kind of expectations puts pressure on Eli that no other player in the NFL has to deal with. Eli is very smart and appears to mature at a steady rate. He's doing great.

Now, if he would only take lessons from Simms about how to throw in Giants stadium in the wind...

Bob said...

I think Eli's two major limitations are his inconsistency and his inability to be effective throwing in the wind in Giants stadium. He was great in the 2007
playoffs and marginal at the end of 2008.

After last years Eagles playoff game, I feel Eli slid back to a 2nd tier QB.

I feel that the current talk about him going for a BIG contract renewal doesn't make sense after his performance in the last 4 games of 2008. If he was anywhere else but NY, he would have been
benched midway in the Eagles game.

Andy F. said...

This QB comparison was less about Eli. It was ALL about Ryan. When the dust settles in a few years time there will be few QBs in the category of the ATL QB. So this has little to do really when speaking about Eli, his borther or father, or actually any other QB in the NFL. It simply was meant to get your attention and make everyone (including myself) take notice of this special player in the making. If he stays healthy he is going to make his mark. That is really no knock on Eli. They might both face each other in NFC Championships to come, with the winner a tossup between 90 players, not 2 QBs. As a fan of football, I am looking forward to watching Ryan's career unfold.

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