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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tom Coughlin speaks to Francesa on the FAN

Coughlin spoke to Mike Francesa yesterday afternoon. Audio linked.


Bob said...

For the Bradshaolics among us

Bob Glauber of Newsday reports:

"There have been whispers that third-year tailback Ahmad Bradshaw hasn’t been putting in the necessary work during the offseason. Could have fooled me. The kid looked faster than he did as a rookie, and his cutting ability and nose for finding a crease in the blocking is uncanny. I’ll predict it right now: breakout season for Bradshaw."

Andy F. said...

Thanks Bob. I was greedy, squirreling that one away for another day, maybe some football to talk about later in June or July, when the team is away on vacation and we have to count the days before training camp.

Back to Bradshaw, the guy was in jail for 30 days, serving out the remainder of his old sentence. So it is what it is. All I see is a guy who has kept his nose clean, he wasn't the one packin' at The Latin Quarter. He served his time in June last year (probably because of all the media circus after the Super Bowl).. this year he was able to get it done earlier. And now he is ready to kick some butt. We felt he was ready to kick some butt last season, but it was not to be. Good things come to those who wait. All I know is this guy has to be in on third down. If he just protects the ball he will be FINE. Everything is lining up beautifully, his third year, less and less thinking, more and more playing. Cautiously optimistic about a breakout year for Ahmad and the Bradshawlics. Get out your #44 jerseys and sit back for a good 2009.

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