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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fred Robbins

Fred Robbins mentions in his blog on Tuesday and Ralph V picked up that Robbins had microfracture surgery. Oh brown. You cannot have enough depth at DL. How many of you realistically think this guy is going to make the final roster? This has PUP list written all over it.

It is a very sad moment for Giants fans. Fred Robbins is a warrior who time and again delivered for the gmen. When you think about what he played through all season? And the Eagles playoff game, he was playing on guts, and almost ran that INT into the endzone! We hope this guy has some gas left in the tank, but this is sobering and realistically we cannot expect that much more. He was in the trenches for us and got us a championship. Fred- whether or not you play for the Giants again, thanks for all you have given us.


Mitch said...

I echo your sentiments about Fred Robbins. Hopefully he will recover.

Jerry Reese is one of the best GM's in the biz. He knew how serious the surgery Robbins was facing. He made sure to insure the Giants' future with the DL signings during the free agency period.

Brian said...

I had a feeling when they were so active in the free agent market signing DLine that it was something like this. FR is definitely a warrior, but it would be a medical miracle for him to play this year anywhere close to the level he's performed at. Its an axiom in sports that when a big man's knees go, its all over for him.

Bob said...

you knew something was going on, when Reese aggressively went after
2 DT's in free agency.

Fred has been a great warrior for the GMEN. I wish him the best.

xtian said...

yeah, it does sound like the PUP for big fred. :/ but we should be fine.

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