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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That bitter taste in their mouth

Eisen of Giants.com talks about the consensus aftertaste of 2008:

"A lot of the players still talk about the playoff loss to Philadelphia and how much they want to atone for that, how they did not play their best football at the end of last season. They were very disappointed last year. This is a team that is very eager to get started... half the guys would get in the car and go (to Albany for training camp)."

You have to know and expect that the maturity and experience of this team will make a difference in 2009. They expect to win, they have a great deal of confidence, and did not like finishing poorly last year. We'll be surprised if the Giants are not able to play at a consistently high level this season. The bitter aftertaste of last year that we keep hearing about is a very good thing.


Anonymous said...

Last years Plilly loss could be the like the Bear playoff loss of 1985. It was always said that the 86 superbowl team was born on the plane ride back from that game. I believe Parcells asked George Martin to stick around another year on that plane ride.

Mitch said...

I hope you are right Pastime. The wind current of that game helped Sean Landetta "wiff" on that punt.

The wind most certainly was a factor with Eli and his miss-directed passes in the Philly game last year. If you believe in symmetry maybe there is an omen here.....Then again maybe not.

In any event, I still shake my head in disgust with the Philly game. It was all there for us....a win put us in the title game against Arizona and then.....I better stop now because I'm getting sick again.

Bob said...

I feel sick, thinking about the end of last year. It wasn't just the playoff game, it was 4 of the last 5 games.

Hopefully the bitter taste from those 4 games will be branded on the coaches & players minds.

I've seen this happen many times in sports & in life where a bad experience one year results in a big reaction in the opposite direction, the next year.

The best example being 9/11/2001
causing the US invasion of IRAQ.

Anonymous said...

The question remains. Can Eli and the Giants win a home playoff game?

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