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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jeremy Shockey

Fictional conversation overheard...

Brees: Are you coming to the voluntary OTAs?
Shockey: Maybe, I'm not sure.
Brees: Whadya mean, maybe???!!
Shockey: Well, I am supposed to be in Miami when..
Brees: Miami? MIAMI!! Do you play for the freaking Dolphins?
Shockey: No, but I like practicing at Miami with all the Hurricane players.
Brees: McFly?? McFly?! Hello McFly. Here, let me help me you out. I'll give you some geography. You show up at all the OTAs, voluntary or mandatory. In LOUISIANA. Or else I am not looking your way.
Shockey: I'm going to be healthy this season and I'll be able to help the team much more than last season.
Brees: You're not going to help anyone here if you dare miss even a single practice. You're on my s*** list if you miss a single practice, you hear me pea brain?
Shockey: I get it, I get it.
Brees: Good. Now tell me what happened in Vegas.


Motown Blue said...

I am sorry, but why do we waste our time with this browning turd Shockey. The guy has never deserved the attention and hype he received in NY and definitely not since. A highly overrated TE out of the Browning "U", with an IQ of 50 (generously speaking) and has a temper tantrum every 20 minutes. Another example of how the NY media can be detriment to any NY area team.

Bavaro didn't and still doesn't get the acclaim and attention this turd gets. Bavaro is in a totally different universe as a player, accomplishments and, most significantly, class.

Anonymous said...

We talk about Shockey because he is a huge talent that should still be with the team.
He is not here because of the way he was handled by the coaching staffs (fassel's and Tom's ) and the way he was let off the hook by his teamates for not showing up. As you point out Motown, he not is not that smart so if you give him an inch (not coming to offseason coditioning program) he takes a mile (demanding and getting a trade).
I completly aggree about Bavaro. I remember Simms talking about the year Bavaro when down mid season with the knee injury. He said the entire offence was in shock and never recovered from the blow.

Andrew Nisinson said...

Honestly, we miss shockey more as a blocker than as a receiver. Between Boss and this Beckum kid, we have better receiving play at TE than shockey could offer us. He makes stupid penalties, is a QB's nightmare and is totally injury prone. We got a shiny new LB in this year's draft for him, I think we made out like bandits, the saints can have him.

Anonymous said...

Shockey never lived up to his potential with the Gmen for 2 reasons.
1) He got hurt to much.
2) He was never utilized correctly. We will never know how good he could have been because we have an OC who does not know how to use the TE. I believe that you think Boss is a very good receiving TE. I agree but where are his numbers? Where was he in the Phily game? Underutilized talent by our OC once again.

Andrew Nisinson said...

I agree. We underutilize TE's but Eli is a better leader without shockey in the huddle. He's a pretty big Dbag.

Andy F. said...

Shockey had an attitude that if he was not hurt in some way it meant he was not playing hard enough, so he felt being hurt was somehow justified. I kid you not, he said this. His coaches needed to work this kid's brain... in so many ways. From the ridiculous celebrating after first downs to keeping him focused on TEAM. There is little doubt in my mind that a Parcells-type of coach would have done all of these things and leveraged his talents immensely. The reason for the parody post yesterday was to accentuate how at least Brees speaks back to this guy- and we know this just from the sideline! At least we see 'some' leadership in New Orleans wrt educating this guy about what is necessary and what is not. My entire takeaway is how crucial coaching is. Fassel was good an bad- as a player's coach he brought out the best and the worst in this kid, at the beginning of his career when he needed more discipline than he obviously got. He let him play school yard in his rookie year when he did not know all the routes (the best NYG offense I have ever seen, 2002), so Fassel let him play, but the lack of structure hurt him in the long run.

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