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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PSL Update

Myers of the Daily News updated us on the PSLs this weekend.

1) Apparently since all of the NON-CLUB ("non-premium") seats are sold, blackout rules do not apply. The NY Metro area will not be blacked out. Pathetic and embarrassing that such a topic should even have to come up.

2) On the subject of embarrassing, Myers points out that these overpriced club seats behind the Giants bench potentially will be empty for home games, creating the same gaffe that the Yankees have behind homeplate. Ironically, this is only partially true. The TV cameras are on the opposite side of the field behind the visiting team, and when they want crowd shots they usually spin around to get those close ups. You can bet your sweet bottom that if the Clubs remain unsold (doubtful, they'll find some sucker corporates to mop up the rest) the Giants will instruct the NFL and networks to MAKE SURE that they turn the camera to soldout Field 1.

3) We said a long time ago that the waitlist was inflated with many people who had to be on it to register for the ticket exchange program. Kudos to Myers for getting those numbers on just how bad it was.

4) Between the search for people who will pay for these tickets and the ones who stretched to buy PSLs and need to resell tickets to others to lower their costs, you have to expect the crowd and character of the stadium is going to change. How much of the homefield advantage will be lost? We re-link the article written by Simmons of ESPN, a very good read and reread.

1 comment:

Marcus said...

The second payment which is twice the first payment for PSLs is due over the next few months. I got my bill in the mail. I wonder how many people will not make this payment or bailout before they get locked in Nov. I can tell you I currently purchased Club Seat PSLs, that if they dont give me the best seats rather then keep the best seats unsold and/or if they dont sell out. I am gone!!!

Giants Mgmt better sell out, give us a better deal, or at least give the best seats to those who bought the Club PSLs first!

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