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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carr re-signed for 1 year. Madison, Droughns & Knight cut.

David Carr was signed to a 1 year, $1M contract as the Giants' backup. Surprising that the Giants could get him this cheaply, as his stock price increased this season. No, he is not a terrific #1, but he got it done as the #2 and looked good out there. Thumbs up.

As for Droughns, this was a numbers game. Older running backs are not going to get the playing time when younger guys like Bradshaw get wasted with less playing time. Wait. Stop. Wasn't that supposed to read Bradshaw getting MORE playing time? Ooops, sorry. Foolish of me to try to make sense of that. Well, you know.. Droughns was so far down the depth chart that he was relegated to specials, and you can get a rookie for that job.

Sammy Knight? He had some injuries, but Safety was crowded too. Butler's lack of speed was supposed to limit his playing time and give Knight more oppty, but Butler only got roasted a few times (Steelers game for one, remember?). Last year someone did not like it when I referred to Knight as sausage filler, but that is exactly what he was. Please remember that whenever you bring in a 33 year old free agent for a lower sticker price, it is as a role player. We doubted him playing through his contract, and that is exactly what happened. Knight is a good player, but this business takes older players and spits them out. This is yet another reason why Pierce is perishable now, and why LBer is so incredibly vulnerable. Considering Pierce is the best of the bunch and he'll be out there with a wheelchair pretty soon, you better start getting MANY LBers, not 1 or 2.

Sam Madison was voted off the island months ago by the Giants. It is never pretty watching a talented veteran slowly lose just enough of their skills to become expendable. Guys like Madison and Toomer need to be celebrated a little more in their exit. We get guys like Favre with multiple press conferences and retirement fetes, while guys like Toomer (and Madison) win you rings and get discarded with the garbage. I thought the Giants were better than that.


dberenson said...

What are the chances that Sam Madison becomes an assistant coach? He seemed to be playing that role as much as any on-the-field role this past season.

John said...

If Amani is gone, they definitely need to find a way to honor his time with the Giants. I will be really disappointed in them if they don't do that. He has meant a lot to this team. Before Amani came, it had been a long time since the Giants had a premier receiver. Thanks, Amani for your years with the G-Men. We're going to miss you.

Anonymous said...

I second what John Said.

Mitch said...

We watch them in awe, amazed by their athletic prowess. They aren't supposed to be this fast, this strong, this dominant as their hair goes gray, as they advance deeper into middle age. But when you see them slip just a little, it saddens all of us.

I will miss Amani Toomer not only for his clutch catches and his deft toes but because Amani Toomer never embarrassed the Giants organization and always conducted himself on and off the field with a great deal of class.

Anonymous said...

I second what Mitch said also.

xtian said...

ditto. we all loved amani. he should have been in the pro-bowl in 2002, but since the nfl moronically votes after only 14 games and he was on the bubble, he didn't make it. then he had a career game on the last game and ended up with 82 catches for 1343 yds and 8 tds. this is one of the reasons the pro-bowl sucks, not counting the entire season. i call it a premature ejaculation.

i expected droughns and madison to be cut.

i'm extremely pleased david carr was resigned. i thought he was a goner. what a relief to have a backup qb who actually could be a starter.

Mitch said...

Mike Francessa ( when asked by a caller about Amani Toomer ) said today that the one regret that Chuck Noll said he had was that he felt he set his team back 3 years when he couldn't say goodbye to the players who helped him win those 4 Super Bowls.

It is a cold hard business and when it is time it is time. I'm sure Toomer feels he still has something left and he might, but that is why Jerry Reese gets paid the big bucks to make those decisions.

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