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Monday, February 16, 2009

Clayton on Rosenhaus and Burress

This was from Thursday. I for one do not believe this was a 'clerical error.' Rosenhaus is letting the world know of the frosty relations between his client and the Giants. The Giants were pissed because it reduces Burress's trade value to have him outed like that. But Clayton's perspective on the Giants' decision (latter part of the excerpt) should be appreciated, because he has just enough distance from the situation to be objective.


Craig said...

I have made a theory. assuming plaxico will be gone,
1. sign TJ Housh,
2. sign either bart scott, terrell suggs, or karlos dansbury,
3. draft a LB rd 1
and tell me this team isn't the favorite for the superbowl

We should have enough cap room for 2 big time free agents with plax being gone.

Mitch said...

Absolutely not a clerical error!

Rosenhaus always operates in this manner. He let it leak about how unhappy Shockey was last year. He had TO doing pushups on his lawn to get him out of Philly.

I have been saying the Giants will not have Plax there next year even if he avoids jail. Clayton is right about the difficult situation that the Giants are in. But remember, Rosenhaus also represents Boldin....

I see a pattern developing...stay tuned.

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