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Friday, February 27, 2009

Free Agency about to begin

and nary a peep from the Ultimatenyg blog. Sometimes it is what we don't say that is just as important as what we say. Hit the snooze button when the Free Agency alarm goes off. Reese is so calculated that it is almost boring. He wanted Jacobs done, so he tagged him and then negotiated his deal without worry for the deadline. He wanted Dockery so he put a #2 draft tag on him for compensation. He was ambivalent about the market price for Ward (who still has a small chance of landing back in NY if his age scares enough people away) and Butler, so he let those two go to free agency. We'll stick with our bias called inertia. Inertia says a body that is at rest stays at rest. So a Reese that has been inactive with high-priced free agents the last two years will remain inactive with high-priced free agents this year as well. One site points to the Giants being hot for TJ Houshmandzadeh. I do not believe it. It means that Reese sees a dire need for WR and feels that he is worth the $10M reach. We have not seen Reese pay $2M, let alone $10M in free agency. So unless Reese can get a (more modest) deal for a player he likes in a position he needs, he is not opening up the wallet. $10 browning million? I like TJH, but not that much, and Reese is more conservative than all of us put together. For $10M, I want Andre Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. TJ Houshmandzadeh... nice player, too rich a price. Wonder: "TJHoushmandzadeh is a 30 uear old version of Steve Smith, so they won't do that." Thank you! Wonder just articulated my point, that TJH is not stretching the field for you the way a Fitzgerald or Johnson can. NOT HAPPENING!

By the way, I asked the Wonder what high-priced free agent would be good for the gmen... his answer: BART SCOTT!! "The Giants need Bart Scott so bad, it is ridiculous. I am afraid to admit it, because I want Bart Scott for the Jets, but the Giants would score if they could get him." AMEN. STOP THINKING WIDE RECIEVER AND START THINKING LINEBACKER! Back to planet earth, as much as I would love to beef up LBer, do not count on Reese going after him because thus far he has been tight with the dollars.


Nature said...

i wouldnt even mind Micheal Boley we have to get a LBer.....hopefully Rey Mualuga drops or Clay matthews jr....i like CUSHING but i like the other 2 more

Anonymous said...

I sooooooo agree with Wonder on Scott. Given Reese's conservative nature, probably not going to happen, huh? There's no one player worth screwing up your cap situation for.

Mitch said...

Nature may get his wish...WFAN's Marc Malusis said he spoke to Garafolo and his sources tell him that Michael Boley will visit the Giants today. Reese will offer him 5 mil/yr. Boley is a little light (225 ) for the strong side but certainly quick enough for the weak side.

Andy F. said...

Haynesworth signs with the Skins. For Snyder's sake, this better work out better than Stubblefield did. For our sake, let the curse of the Snyder continue.

Nature said...

Albert Haynesworth turned down the GIANTS 100 million dollar contract offer...looks like the GIANTS are bringiing in Boley which is a good luck to me. if we get em we only need to draft 1 LBer

Craig said...

where did you hear the giants offered Haynesworth anything?

Bob said...

The Redskins just set the tone for the NFC East. If Reese watches free agency from the sideline, the Gmen may watch the playoffs from the sideline in 2009.

Hey Reese...we need you to spend some of those big PSL bucks on free agency. Pick up TJH & Boley and hold
on to Ward & Butler.

xtian said...

there's no way the gmen would offer haynesworth a 7 yr $100 mill contract--they would pay half that--he simply isn't worth it. he's already had 7 yrs in the league at 27, and besides his rookie yr, hasn't played all 16 games. no doubt i would like him on the nyg but not at that price. i guarantee he won't last and only be productive maybe 4 more yrs. synder has made this big splash almost every yr and it never works out that well.

i don't know much about boley, but i trust reese will act wisely.

remember we have to resign eli to big bucks w/i the next yr.

i don't want tjh unless it's a 2 yr for 2-3 mill; even then i'm not sure i want him. we need to let moss, hixon, manningham, and smith play and develop to see what we really have. if they don't workout after next year then we adjust [plus maybe we have another high draft pick].

Bob said...

The NYG offense was very sad after we lost Burress (ex the Car. game, a Derric Ward clinic). The Eagles said we were easy to contain without Burress.

Face it Gerry Reese, put another big stud WR on the team, or continue to put a one dimensional O on the field.

If Manningham & Moss are so good, why didn't we see more of them in 2008 ?

As for paying Eli the big bucks, he was hot and cold in 2008. Certainly COLD in the playoffs.
I'm not sure merits top dollar.

Motown Blue said...

The Gs were in the mix for Haynesworth:


At least Reese showed some aggression for one of the more talented and impact players in free agency in a while. Too much to stomach with so much guaranteed (41 MILL)and 7 years with almost 30 mill in first 13 months. Just let clueless Snyder committ that much money at the expense of all his teams other holes.

Bernard and Canty would be a nice fit as they are both versatile. Both can play the run and are more knowen for their pass rush. Although they are projecting just one of them but both would be optimal.

NO to tjh! He is 32 and purely a possession receiver. Would rather they make an effort to bring Toomer back over tjh in a heart beat.

Craig said...

Moss had 4 years, he is nothing, manningham was a rookie and just buried on the depth chart.

the redskins are still the worst team in the East. Hall is not worth the money what so ever, and haynesworth takes plays off, gets injured, and has a bad attitude. He is worth about 1 more win for the redskins. Their problem is offense. they cannot score

as of now its the giants and eagles atop the east, with the redskins and cowgirls behind.

Ward will get more money than he's worth and forget butler, he's marginal at best.

If you could get Housh for $2-3 million BEST DEAL EVER, he's wanting around $10 million so why would you say housh for 3 million

Mitch said...

Source: New York Giants finalizing 5-year deal with linebacker Michael Boley
by Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger
Friday February 27, 2009, 7:49 PM
Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesMichael Boley will likely be a Giant by the end of Friday night.

The Giants and LB Michael Boley will soon agree to a 5-year deal, according to someone familiar with the progress of negotiations. The contract is expected to be worth a total of about $25 million with more than $10 million in guaranteed money.

Boley arrived this afternoon and is expected to have dinner with the Giants staff Friday night. Within a few hours, the deal could be made official.

Also, DE/DT Chris Canty will arrive Saturday, as expected. He's postponed a visit with the Titans that may or may not be rescheduled. Canty has a visit with the Seahawks set up for Monday.

DT Rocky Bernard is also in town and will meet with the Giants tonight and tomorrow. No word on the progress of contract talks there.

And DE Antonio Smith is expected to visit the Giants in the coming days, according to someone familiar with his plans.


Nature said...

i dont mind us bringing in VETS...i wouldnt mind us going offinsive line with one of the 2nd round picks....

Boley is a good pick-up {i thought that would happen} now we only have to go LBer once in the first 3 picks

xtian said...

and that lb needs to be ilb or slb and big cuz coley is only 225 lbs.

i said, i didn't want tjh, but for a ridiculous price, 2-3 mill, i would.

we know more about what we have in smith-very good possession/slot receiver. moss seems to be supplemental, but he is quick and fast. hixon has some real potential, but still in development--i might even like him better as a full-time kr and pr and 3rd wide receiver than our #1 receiver. manningham might have the most potential for he was big time in college--worry about his brain more than his physical talent. we'll see.

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