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Sunday, February 8, 2009

the non-news story of the Super Bowl

The officiating this season was horrendous. Goodell et al have been defending the year’s penalty ugliness with carefully selected (horse manure) statistics, but they are in denial and are not confronting the brutal facts. So when the Super Bowl devolved into the same set of problems as we have seen all year, it was barely any story… merely the continuation of an existing one. Yes, yes, it is a shame that the biggest game of the year for the NFL should get tarnished, but this is EXACTLY what denial gets you… continuation of the SAME problems.

For anyone who gets dismayed by the outcome being affected by these blind bats, get some peace by being a Bill Walsh “quality win” adherent. His philosophy was that if you were winning by less than 7 points your fate was essentially ALWAYS in the hands of the refs, so you had to target winning EVERY game by greater than 10+ points. This way, when some ref did something stupid which cost you big time, it would hopefully not cost you entirely with the W becoming an L. The next time your coach goes into the prevent (why were the Cardinals in zone at the end when DRC was doing fine on Holmes for the first 58 mins?) and you lose, understand that that would not have happened with Bill Walsh as your coach. The only thing uglier than the officiating in ANY season is always going to be watching a coach going into the prevent offense or prevent defense.


Scott said...

Bill Walsh was a genius, at least as far as football was concerned. Worst move in the last 40 years of Giants football was hiring Ray Perkins instead of him. Just imagine what he might have done with LT and his eye for DB's.

Russ Wellen said...

Andy wrote:
"why were the Cardinals in zone at the end when DRC was doing fine on Holmes for the first 58 mins?"

Was that decision the final nail in Clarence Pendergast's coffin?

Pastime Princess said...

The cards where in the SB and the Giants where not. I am hoping I wake up from this nightmare soon.

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