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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giants Sign Jacobs to 4 Year Deal

Giants and Jacobs get deal done for 4 years. Good work Reese and Jacobs. Details of how much is guaranteed for the injury-prone RB will determine how well it was crafted for both sides, but it is still a positive for both sides.


Craig said...

Would you really call Jacobs injury prone? He was healthy last year. To me injury prone is someone who seems to always be on the injury report for something (rothlisburger).

Andy F. said...

He missed 4 games last season and 4this year. Anytime you have a RB who is 6'4" tall, he is also by definition prone to injury.

xtian said...

great job!!! but i'm not surprised at all.

Craig said...

well you cant count the minn game, if that game mattered he could have played. So with that in mind i got him for 2 missed games last season, Arizona and Dallas. 2 missed games isnt as bad as other running backs who become ineffective by the end of the year via wear and tear

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