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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pittsburgh 27 Cardinals 23

This was a terrific game. Pls feel free to comment.


Mike said...
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Mike said...

A few thoughts:

1) I thought from the point Pitt went up 10-0 until their final drive of the game....Arizona badly outplayed them and at times dominated them.

2) Arizona will be looking back on that Harrison INT for a LOOOOONG time. Completely changed the complextion of this game. We're talking about a game that AT LEAST ends up 10-10, with Arizona having all the momentum rallying from the early 10 pt deficit...possibly even 14-10 Arizona. Not only do they not score, they allow the pick to be run all the way back--and just like that they are down 10again. I said going into halftime--that INT will cost the Cards this game. I still believe it did.

3) Warner solidified his HOF credentials IMO. Take away one bad throw, and he was flawless in this game. Unfortunately though, he has to know he CANNOT force a ball in the end zone at the end of the half like that way. If something isnt there, throw the ball away and take the 3 points.

4) Fitzgerald is a beast.

5) An overlooked play in this game will be the 2nd and 20 play on the final Pitt drive...Ben gets away from about 2-3 sacks and hits Holmes for 14, setting up a manageable 3rd and 6...instead of what could have been 3rd and 20+.

6) What was Arizona doing on coverage against Holmes on that final drive? They had Rogers-Cromartie attached to his hip all night--then on that final drive they are playing zone on him? Why? That 40+ yard Holmes play which setup 1st and goal...you had R-C letting him go, with a safety picking him up 1 on 1. NO NO NO NO...NO!!!! Holmes at this point was there ONLY legit downfield threat. You keep R-C attached to him, and you then double him with a safety. Make Ben beat you with Ward, Washington or Miller.

6) Three Cards were around Holmes on the TD play...but none of them were close enough to him. Great throw by Ben though.

7) How does the booth not review the Warner fumble w/5 secs left? This friggin league wastes time all season reviewing meaningless plays...and they dont take a look at a play like that? the final play of the friggin Super Bowl?

Andy F. said...

6) yes, the DRC thing at the end of the game I did not understand either, felt like prevent-defense the entire drive.

All I can think of is Simms the master saying he liked Pittsburgh because of the speed of their defenders... the play by Harrison on that ONE int at the end of the half would not go away.

gmen08 said...

1) I thought the officiating was bad. Too many penalties and not enough letting the players play.

2) I thought the block in the back on Hightower on the INT return for a TD was a horrible no call. Nobody even talked about it and it was blatant because he was going to make the tackle before he got 2 hands in the 34 on his jersey.

3) Santonio Holmes proved that you don't have to be a 6'4 to be a #1 WR. All you have to be able to do is get separation and be able to threaten teams vertically.

4) I wish Eli could keep plays alive with his legs like Ben does. Sometimes Ben holds the ball too long, but he is tough to bring down. All you need is a stiff breeze to take Eli down.

gmen08 said...

As Mike points out, how did they not review the Warner fumble on the last play of the game??? After a few replays, I was convinced that it was actually a forward pass. If they had reviewed that and overturned the call and gave Arizona the ball back, they would have had the ball 15 yards closer because of the Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty against Pitt. That would've given them the ball around the 20 yard line with one play left. Huge gaffe for the booth review. They review WAY too many plays that shouldn't be reviewed and then on the biggest stage at the most crucial moment they decide not to review. Why? I have no idea.

Mitch said...

As Gmen08 states the last play baffles me as to why it wasn't reviewable. That almost seems like a microcosm of the season starting with Ed Hochuli and ending with the final play of the Super Bowl.

Motown Blue said...

Just goes to show you the difference in this game is a matter of inches and you can't leave anything to chance.

Right now I am not too optimistic about next year considering the way it ended this year. Let's get back to the dominanting Defense that is a traditional trait of this team. Optimism will be generated by getting a play making LB, getting another young athletic safety and adding speed to the LB unit. Yes, it would be great to add a play making stretch the filed WR but the odds of getting one is pretty slim. Takes time for draftee WRs to develop and be effective. And no, I really don't believe they will be able to land Boldin.

Now the fun begins with Free Agency and the Draft. For those who still believe in Plaxico his trial date could be included.

Bob said...

I'm still in denial about the Gmen.

It really bugs me that we beat both the Steelers & Cards during the season.

Mitch said...

Happy birthday Lawrence Taylor.

LT will be 50 tomorrow!

This appeared in the paper about LT:


This should be interesting....

Frank Cubillo said...

gmen08 is right about the clipping on hightower on the INT he had an angle and before he made his move he got blocked in the back hardcore. it was was right in the center of the tv and the center of the action. in one of the tightest called games ive seen in my life they missed one of the most important and obvious calls ever.

and if you look closely at the catch by homes at the end his back foot never looked like it touched.

horrible officiating

also did anyone see how homes is being compared to rice and some of the greatest. i haven't seen Fitzgerald's name anywhere and he broke all those records.

maxers214 said...

Hey andy, I know this comment isn't particularly about the super bowl but i just saw this video and figured you might like it. http://www.hulu.com/watch/55910/onion-news-network-tom-coughlin-retires-from-family-to-spend-more-time-with-team


Andy F. said...

working my tail off in Houston, will post on Saturday.

Craig said...

So Karlos Dansbury wants to play for the giants. Big time LB, plays inside in a 3-4 which is not a big adjustment to outside in a 4-3. If the price is right, i say go for it

PD2LISN said...

Looks like we are still stuck with Gilbride. Raiders job went to Tom Cable. Now Coughlin and Reese have a decision to make...

Mitch said...

Boldin says he wants out of Arizona
you just never know...


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