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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jerry Reese offseason comments, Gibril Wilson bank heist

Jerry Reese transcript Q&A at the NFL Combine.

The most interesting item of note was Gibril Wilson getting cut. Al Davis and the Raiders are clearly a derailed train, completely out of control. Do you realize how much Wilson scored from this? Try $9M for one year. Cha-ching. This is the same team that also coughed up $8M with DeAngelo Hall for 8 games. There was a $4.5M roster bonus coming due for Wilson in March, so they cut him. Wilson had 129 tackles for the team, so it was not as if he was doing a bad job there and laying down. As I said in the comments section yesterday, do not expect Reese to spend any serious money for the higher-priced free agents UNTIL you actually see him get involved in that segment of the market. We have not seen him even invite/bid for one of these players yet in his first two years as a GM. Says Garafolo of the Star Ledger: "I wouldn't expect Wilson back unless he gives the Giants a steep discount." Agreed.


Craig said...

Other than Eli, the highest paid player is Kareem Mackenzie at 6 million and except for Troy Palamalu the good safeties make about 2 - 3 million. The giants need a strong safety and Gibril Wilson is pretty good and still young. For 2 million a year, go for him. Maybe he'll understand to go to a good team and not the money. He will plug a hole and complete the secondary now that Butler is gone, and its not a big deal, but i would love to see him back in a giant uniform.

Daniel said...

I know he's old, and might be a little expensive, but how would you feel about picking up Marvin Harrison at WR for a year or two? You know, in case the Giants can't get anyone to replace Plaxico in the draft.

Pastime Princess said...

Here is my take on Reese and free agency. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. We won a SB 2 years ago and where the best team talent wise, hands down, no questions asked this year. Reese did his job. He was let down by a stupid, stupid off the field incident, a windy day at the most inopportune time and a bad OC. Not his fault.

Craig said...

Brian Cushing come in the top ten is every part of the combine for linebackers, FYI

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