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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Is Bruce Johnson ready?

Kind of scary that with Dockery looking to be out, Rookie Bruce Johnson will be the nickel back. You still want to lay -6.5 points and say this is going to be an easy win? I hope the Giants win 30 to nothing, but anyone who thinks tomorrow should be an easy meal ticket game is not paying attention. This is also Terrell Thomas's first start. While we are high on him and believe he is ready, he will not be spotless. Add a young LBer corps and this defense will have breakdowns tomorrow. How many? Do not draw conclusions about the Giants from Game 1.


Mitch said...
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Mitch said...

Since it may be true that our Defense might take a few weeks to operate the way we are accustomed to...then it becomes paramount that we attack the Redskins early and make them play catch up.

I think we will have a hard time running the ball early on them...so it is time to unveil that passing game. We have to pass first in order to set up the run.

Kevin Boss, some quick slants, a screen or two will soften them up. Just hope that the light in Gilbrown's head goes off and he tries this.

Motown Blue said...

Mitch, also Manningham on quick slants over LBs as well as Moss. Love to see Jacobs and Bradshaw in 2 back set and have Bradshaw in motion out wide in the slot against the Deadskins slow LBs. Utilize their strength which is their WR speed and Bradshaws elusiveness.

Motown Blue said...

Also, per Skins DC Balche:

"When you have to take care of the run game – the quantity and quality of the run game that they have – the wideouts are going to get some minimal attention at times," said Blache. "I think it’s a great opportunity for their wideouts. I would love to be a wideout on that offense because you’re going to get some single coverage just because of all the other weapons that they have."

Single coverage on Manningham should leave big play potential as well as Boss.

Andy F. said...

The point is well taken that this can be a high scoring game. As was mentioned last year, when was the last time Gilbride and the offense took RESPONSIBILITY for winning the game? I.e. looking at the 60 minutes as a game where it was going to score every time it touched the ball and that it did not matter what the defense did?! We have all seen the defense go in there with the mindset that it does not matter what the offense does, it will win or keep the (opponent's) score down to a manageable level. MAYBE these first few games are ones where the OFFENSE needs to assume some pressure load here with the defense having suffered numerous losses.

Bob said...

Andy, you're absolutely right. But
that should be the attitude of the O
all the time.

xtian said...

believe me, manning will change the plays at the line of scrimmage, if he has to. just hope the wrs pick it up. i expect at least one long td pass will be hit by their suddenly fast, elusive wrs. i'm actually excited about their potential, but know realistically there will be up and downs.

xtian said...

how is the lb corps young? pierce, clark, and blackburn are the starters. sintim, the only rookie, is injured and probably won't even suit up.

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