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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roster Cuts-updated sporadically throughout the day

David Tyree, Andre Woodson, Rhett Bomar (ps?), Robert Henderson, Maurice Evans (ps?), Sha'reff Rashad, Anthony Bryant, DeAndre Wright (6th round pick, ps?), Cliff Louis, Kenny Ingram, Jeremy Clark, Travonti Johnson, Orrin Thompson, Vince Anderson, Shaun Bodiford, Dwayne Wright, Tommie Hill, Allen Patrick, Terrance Pennington

ps?= practice squad possibility if clears waivers

Traded: Michael Matthews (to NE for conditional draft pick)

Results of roster cuts: at this moment in time Moss and Hagan are still on the team, BUT DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE FINAL. AT THE MOMENT THERE ARE 53 + Boley. That means they have to cut one more when Boley is added and because they are with only 3 RBs and 3 Safeties, you would expect the Giants to be trying to pick up 2 of those from other teams, meaning 3 more cuts coming.

Update: trade rumors with Moss.


GoodPunk6 said...

something tells me that sinorice moss makes the team

Bob said...

Well, for all the talk about Bomar taking over in a few years, he is cut.

Bob said...

Bomar cut.....so much for the NYG
project to develop a long term QB
replacement for Eli.

NYG strategy : make all moves for short term success ( 7 wideouts),
to he** with long term player development.

Looks like another bad decision by the NYG at the QB position.

GoodPunk6 said...


Bomar will most likely land on the practice squad.

Andy F. said...

I, for one, prefer Moss over Hagan.

Cutting Bomar is so short-sighted. Wonder thinks that New England is going to claim him off of waivers now. Someone emailed me yesterday who watches the Giants carefully, commenting on Bomar: "He has it ALL! I LOVE his arm, guts, talent. Do you see his running? Like a wounded BULL! Power, speed, authority, gumption. The full package! He is going nowhere. Carr has one thing on him-experience. Other than that, NOTHING. He is a talent, the Giant scouts knew it. He throws, releases quicker than MOST NFL QB's NOW! Sturdy, confident and raring to go. He's a keeper."

What can I tell, we were wrong. Or were the Giants?! If he clears waivers and the Giants can get him onthe practice squad, the Giants are the geniuses. If he does not clear waivers then it is in our opinion a poor decision. I am NOT optimistic that he'll clear waivers. REMEMBER, Bomar did not really do anything "wrong." He was barely out there. We have read a few accounts of the Giants trying to "sneak" him through waivers. All 31 teams will not be collectively that stupid, in my opinion. We'll see.

Craig said...

So I said we needed safety help a while ago, I would be ok with trading Hixon actually, would get the most for him and i am confident with manningham and smith starting. How about Hixon and Wilkerson for a safety? I'd be happy with that.

Craig said...

And yes ive been absent for a few months

Andy F. said...

Safety has been a need since the Giants let Butler go to free agency. While we could understand the move from an economic point of view (why pay bigger free agent money for a S who was so limited in his range?), the lack of replacement talent that Reese has gotten through free agency (CC Brown, marginal) and the draft (nothing) is troublesome. Add that no UFA was able to stick and now we have a problem. The next step is to see if Reese can find a Safety from waivers.

Bradley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GoodPunk6 said...

Michael Matthews has been traded to the Patriots for a conditional draft pick. We dealt with the devil. Maybe that pick will be the LBer we need.

Mitch said...

Vacchiano says the Dolphins are interested in Moss....

Hmmmm.....How about Moss for Gibril Wilson?

Pinch me....

GoodPunk6 said...

Moss for Gibril? How retarded would that be? Wilson was on the team a few years ago and is now on the bubble for getting cut from the Raiders. Hell, he was near getting cut during the regular season during the 07 season. The Giants were lucky to have some sort of value from him. LUCKY. Mitch, wake the fuck up.

Andy F. said...

Goodpunk- Your comment is so off base, I'd almost think you were joking. Except that I know your history. It took you all of about 4 comments to start misbehaving again. And the more you misbehave the more inaccurate your comments become. In this case, yes, Wilson IS on the Dolphins, as the insane one in Oakland (Davis) who paid top dollar for Gibril had to cut him. Miami (Parcells, less than insane) made an INTELLIGENT decision to bring this WINNER onto their team to help tighten up their secondary. He is not only the leader of the secondary over there, he is going to be arguably one of the leaders of the entire defense. So the only error Mitch may make is one that is unrealistically hopeful (and which Mitch most likely implied by his fantasy 'pinch me' remark), not one that is at all misguided in intent.

Step #1- get your facts straight
Step #2- make constructive comments which address the point and do not attack others

Please leave the blog if you cannot show a minimum amount of respect for ALL the commenters.

Josh said...

Seahawks cut veteran Safety Brian Russell. Could be a serviceable backup for us. Certainly as good, or better than CC Brown (which I realize is not saying much).

Andy F. said...

Re CC Brown, agreed. Brian Russell was the highest profile cut at Safety. I have passed along all of the Safety cuts made yesterday to Wonder (Ultimatenyg encyclopedia) for vetting. Yesterday afternoon, before we had info on many teams (including the release of Russell), one name that was a positive was Emanuel Cook from the Jets. It is bad enough with 3 RBs, but 3 safeties when 1 is marginal is a definite need.

xtian said...

i think moss utilized well could be very effective as he is shifty and very fast. since he is small his blocking for the run will always be limited, so i don't want him as a full-time starter. if they can get a high draft choice--3rd, maybe 4th, or better, then i would seriously consider it.

i really hope bomar lands on the ps. unless carr decides to remain a nyg--questionable, but maybe he likes collecting a million while not getting the crap beat out of him--we will need him next year.

i think hixon should be a full-time returner and a part-time wr. he would have the most value in that role, imho. maybe by the end of the year, nicks and manningham will be the starters and that can be done--especially in the playoffs! so do not trade hixon.

matthews for draft pick--good job!

we do need another safety and i would welcome wilson back, but he did seem to plateau.

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