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Sunday, September 27, 2009

NYG 24 TB 0

That was a clinic. Of the good kind. Tampa Bay is a bad team, but all wins are good and any road win is a very good win. Ring it up, collect, next. Buying time for the team to heal up. But unfortunately McKenzie (knee) and Seubert (shoulder) left the game. So while some get better, others get hurt. Otherwise a very good all around performance.

1) The Defense shut down Tampa Bay so badly that they took 40 minutes of game clock to make their first 1st down. Props to Sheridan and the DL for cleaning up and fixing their lanes.
2) The offense improved in the red zone, 3-5. Some sloppy playcalling but you have to accent the positive, which is IMPROVEMENT.
3) Bradshaw got 104 yards on the ground. 7.5 avg per carry. He makes the most of his opportunities. Coughlin: "Yards after contact, he was EXCEPTIONAL."
4) This kid Bruce Johnson is playing well, came up with two stops on 3rd down, even when he got beat in garbage time he was right on the ball.
5) Steve Smith and Mario Manningham get separation and continue to deliver for the Giants.
6) No news is good news from the Safeties.
7) Gartrell Johnson looked good in scrub time.

Not excited about:
1) Lawrence Tynes missed a FG from extra point-land. One kickoff barely went to the 15 and it was not intentional.
2) Jacobs looks like he's in midseason slowdown speed. Yes, he picks up 3.5 yd/carry (92 yds on 26 attempts), but he is dancing and not getting North-South. Darryl Johnston: "He stops his feet too much." Agreed.
3) playcalls to Hedgecock. Is he 0 for '09? why not Beckum?
4) Osi's lack of pocket contain on his pass rush

1) McKenzie knee injury? How bad?

If McKenzie's injury is minor, this was a great day for the Giants. We'll assume the Seubert shoulder is minor for the moment. He was dressed on the sideline so that would tend to mean he could have gone out there again in an emergency. The team is 3-0, TB gave us some TIME to sort out our problems, address them and put on a clinic. Next.


Craig said...

Antonio Byrant 1 Rec for 6 yards,

Roy Williams 1 Rec 18 yards,

Santana Moss 2 Rec 6 yards.

Corey Webster should make the pro bowl

Motown Blue said...

Craig, amen. Mr. underappreciated.

Looking back before preseason on how we were bracing for Robbins to hit the PUP list or worse cut. The guy is a rock and much like the guy Craig praises he is also very much under appreciated. If he stays healthy and plays like he does today, Tuck, Osi and Kiwi's jobs get a lot easier.

Eli still earning his contract but historically he always performs better in the 1st half of the season. When he performs like this the rest of the season I will anoint him up into the Brady, Brees and the other Manning category.

Anonymous said...

Manning will never be in with those guys. He misses to many open guys but if not for that I would agree that he has all the other skills to be a top 5 QB. I would have to say that Payton is much much better QB than Brady. I think Brady is more a product of the team he is on. Put Manning on a bad team and he will still be good. Put Brady on a bad team and he will be bad. Just look at how he preformed against the Jets and Giants high pressure D. He was less than ordinary. Payton, when under pressure is a much more accurate QB.

Todays game is a textbook example of the Giants winning in spite of our OC. Killdrive has, after a 1st down incomplete or run for 0 or a loss of yards, run the ball on 2nd down. He has done it 100% of the time this game. The other team knows it's coming and you must give credit to the Giants Oline for being able to do something with this.

Motown Blue said...

PP, we need to debate about that brwoning brown Gilbride as we are more than on the same page with him. I agree regarding Brady to a degree as there is more to being a great QB than physical skills. I can also remember at one point Peyton crumbling under a Pittsburgh DL pressure and others. The great ones are gamers and know how to win when it counts and play their odds well to avoid the big mistakes. They also manage the game and their team to put them into position to succeed withstanding idiots like Gilbrown.

Peyton is the best but Eli could be a strong second....if he keeps up his high level of play right now. He has a history of faultering in the 2nd half of the season.

Motown Blue said...

I meant we need not to debate the browning brown Gilbrown!

Andy F. said...

Pastime- I disagree on Brady. I think his reduced level of play is and was related to injuries. His level of play next year when he is 100% back from ACL will tell us more. To be fair, I am biased, I really think Brady is one of the best QBs I have seen thus far, but as you allude to, he does need to continue to be consistent. I just think it is purely related to injuries. These QBs use their legs for everything, so if his knee is not 100% I do not see how he can be 100% as a passer.

Craig- Webster is the man, 24/7/365. I did not throw a lot of positives at him today because Bryant was playing hurt. Nonetheless, Webster is real deal. I have not seen this kind of consistent CB play since 1997 with Sehorn.

Anonymous said...

I would like to revisit this best QB topic after the season. It will give us something to debate when news is slow.
Killdrive has to go. I want to go on record now with this, the Giants are the best team in the NFL, hands down. The only thing that can stop us is us.
We need to start blaming Tom for the Killdrive mess. He must be happy with they way he calls the game, otherwise he would change it.

Mitch said...

Besides the great play of Corey Webster, I also think we are getting great play from Terrell Thomas & Bruce Johnson. They certainly are helping our injured secondary.

xtian said...

no reason for gilbride or manning to take many risks today after we quickly got up 14-0. tampa did nothing, only a defensive/specials return would get them back into the game. i did like how gilbride changed up and started the game with runs after using passes the 1st two games. we needed to get the run going, and we did. overall, a great boring victory.

worried about mackenzie's knee. less so about seubert's shoulder. these injuries are building up.

Motown Blue said...

Xtian, right on. Here is when Gilbrown and "Barry Goldwater" Coughlin are worthy of being conservative in playcalling. Just worried about the game when they play ala Indy vs. Miami this past Monday.

Anonymous said...

Mitch Xtain
I would agree with you and the thougt did cross my mind but I don't think that's the case and this is why.
If they where not playing their best football because the bucs where not much of a challenge then why did they put tuck in harms way? If they let Tuck heal, he comes back at almost full strengh next week. By playing Tuck they took a chance on losing him for the season. Why take the chance? They can't be conservative and agressive at the same time.

Completly agree about the secondary guys named here. THey are playing lights out good. Even when the QB has time he doesn't have anyone to throw to or if he does it has to be a perfect throw.

Hands down we are the best team in football.

Crazed Giant fan said...

We dominated a very weak and struggling team. That is good, but you won't know who we are until we play the top teams. When we go to New Orleans and Philly, we will have the measure of the team.

I don't understand why the Bucs didn't go after our secondary? Particularly our safeties?

Just imagine how good we can be when Tuck is 100% and Canty is 100% and Boley knows the system. On offense, what gives with Jacobs. I wonder if he is nursing some kind of injury

Anonymous said...

This quote is why I believe the Giants are the best team in football. They don't just have the talent, they have the attitude to go along with it. It's a very very rare thing for it all to come together on one team.

"We won the football game," Justin Tuck said of the last-second thriller that spoiled Jerry Jones' housewarming party. "You'd think we'd be happy about that but we weren't. We didn't play our best game in Dallas, but I think we did it in all phases (yesterday). We responded."

rlb4 said...

I guess i am not as rabid a fan as the rest of you people are, so I have to assume you people have more information about the Giants than I have, so I would like to know two things. The first is why does Coughlin keep Gilbride as offensive coach, when in your collective minds he is not good and two what evidence do you have the the Giants are the best team in both the NFC and the AFC

Anonymous said...

I don't know why he keeps killdrive, just like i don't know why the lions kept matt millin running their organization for years, just like I don't know why the Browns hired Mangini after the terrible job he did with the Jets.
As far as I know, I'm the only one on here who thinks the Giants are the best team in football right now.
I don't have the typing and writing skills to put into the written word why I feel that way.

rlb4 said...

They seemed to serve you well in your reply. Yes sometimes gut feelings are hard to explain, but if one tries, you usually get some surprisings notions

Andy F. said...

rlb4- I agree with Pastime sometimes, disagree with him on other things, but mostly we see things with the same rose-colored Giants glasses. In this case, I disagree.. I believe we are NOT the best team out there. Maybe this is semantics.. we are NOT the best team right NOW. TB games was an oppty to straighten some things out. But the team has so many things to work on. As Crazed Giant Fan says, you need to see how we stack up against better teams. Fwiw, Wonder, the psycho NFL guru who knows ALL 32 teams about as well as anyone out there, see the Saints and Ravens as the top 2 teams AT THE MOMENT, in WEEK 3. But back to semantics, Wonder, Pastime and I all agree on one thing, that the Giants have the MOST potential of any team. So if the health comes back, if the players come back, if the units improve, if Gilbride can get his offense to be more efficient.. the team will be #1 in the league and will go all the way. Maybe it is better this way, that the Giants are not peaking earlier. It's a tremendous luxury to be 3-0 and looking for so many ways to improve. No team out there is without problems, even the Saints and Ravens. It is wide open.

xtian said...

nyg are among the best teams--that's all you want at this point in the season. we have great depth. who is the best is a matter of opinion. we want to peak in dec-jan, not oct-nov like last year, and win the super bowl, that's all that matters.

Mitch said...

I bleed blue like most of us who read this blog, but I am not ready to anoint our Giants as the best... at least not yet anyway.

Squeaking by Dallas & crushing a bad Buc team does not do it yet for me. I am pleased as all of us but all the injuries so far leaves me very cautious.

The GMen finally got 3 scores in the red zone but lets not forget who we were playing. There were too many predictable calls by Killdrive which were pretty frustrating to watch. In one series the Giants were within 15 yards (red zone) and Killdrive calls 3 straight runs which were all stuffed. Even when New York was at 3rd and 10 he called a run, which was also stopped cold.

Brandon Jacobs had a poor game again even though he ran for 92 yds. For a big back he has become very soft & slow to the hole. He dropped two passes yesterday. I heard him talking about how he has worked hard to correct that, but it wasn't evident yesterday. I'm wondering if he is hurt. But, Ahmad Bradshaw had a great game running for over 104 yards with only 13 carries..(7.4)

Tynes is going to cost us a game for sure if this keeps up.

Even though it was Tampa Bay "which still is an NFL team" ...a shutout is a shutout ...I am encouraged with the play of the Defense given all our injuries we have. Still do not know why Tuck was playing on 3rd downs. Seems that was a big risk, but he probably talked his way on the field. Probably trying to set an example...he is quite the leader.

Anonymous said...

Good observation on Tuck as to why he played. Found this quote to day that seems to validate your opinion.

During Saturday night’s team meeting, Tuck was talking to backup end Dave Tollefson about the possibility of sitting out the game. Tuck told Tollefson there was “no way I’m going to sit on the sidelines, watch y’all play and just sit there.” So he talked his way into the lineup with coach Tom Coughlin and the training staff.

“Maybes turned into yeses,” Tuck said, “and we were out there playing football.”

And if he had sat out a game that turned out to be the Giants’ first shutout in four years?

“I would have been highly upset,” Tuck said. “Highly.”

I believe I should qualify my feelings about the Gmen at this present time. The only team in the NFL, when they play their A game, that can beat the Giants is the Giants. That's not to say this will continue for the whole year. Last years team was one of the best, IMHO, to ever put on a giants uniform but once Plax went down I didn't think they would go any place. That belief was not because Plax was irreplaceable, it was the belief or lack of faith in Killdrive to adapt to the world of football without Plax. I know Andy felt the same way but he was holding out hope that Gilbrown would learn from his mistakes (aka, getting a do over in the playoffs against the Eagles). I had no such faith.

Mitch said...

Thanks Pastime...must have missed that about Tuck.

You are definitely right about the Giants...regarding their A-Game.

The Giants are the type of team that can beat you so many different ways. We can play Smashmouth, we can pass again with Smith & Manningham. And I know if we get Boss involved more it would be even more productive. That catch he made yesterday stretching out & contorting his body was a thing of beauty. We can dominate a game defensively, turn teams over...etc. That is all predicated on playing our "A-Game"

Just a few kinks to work out in the coming weeks...

1. Getting healthy
2. Getting Tynes head right
3. Getting Killdrive to....

Oh well...2 out of 3 isn't bad.

Anonymous said...

2 interesting quotes from Peter King today.

Defensive Player of the Week

The Giants

Sorry for taking the lazy way out and not choosing one player. I can't. New York held Tampa to 86 net yards, and didn't allow them to convert one third down. The Giants didn't let Tampa Bay breathe. By the time the Bucs got a meaningless long drive in the final 10 minutes, the Giants had thoroughly suffocated them. Tampa Bay's drives, in plays, until that last one: three, one, three, three, three, one, three, five, and three.

2)He put the Giants at #2 on his fine 15

New York Giants (3-0). Uh, all of you Saints, Jets and Vikes backers who are throwing bricks through your computers at the office this morning because I moved the Jints over your lads ... here's a stat for you: Tampa Bay, in the first 50 minutes AT HOME Sunday, managed 30 net yards against a Giants team missing two huge pieces from the front-seven puzzle -- Justin Tuck and Chris Canty.

Russ Wellen said...

Motown Blue: Agree about Robbins. We take the guy for granted. Sometimes, like this past Sunday, he's like our very own Haynesworth, Jenkins, or Ngata. Also, I don't think I've ever seen a defensive lineman who gets off the line as fast as him. He's like Usain Bolt even though you could fit three Bolts inside his body.

It's natural to assume he's anticipating the count. But he may not be 'cause he seldom draws encroachment penalties. How does he do it?

rlb4 said...

Well, I respect Peter King, and liked his comments when he was with Bob Costa on HBO. I was disappointed,that the Sunday night football comments between Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison did not include the Giants TB game.

rlb4 said...

Sorry about the previous comment, I did mean Rodney Harrison

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't have to much respect for Kings football analysis. He is a great writer and tells a story very well but he doesn't know much about the technical aspects of the game. I read his column because of his access to coaches, players and GM’s. Extracting interesting and different angles on stories is what I enjoy about him. He also comes across as a good person. I don’t know why that makes me enjoy his MMQB column but it does.

Mitch said...

This from Ernie Palladino...

Looks like a bunch of the Giants' injured will be headed back to practice, at least, on Wednesday. WR Domenik Hixon (knee), CB Aaron Ross (hamstring), CB Kevin Dockery (hamstring), and DT Chris Canty (calf) are all expected to practice as of now. But Tom Coughlin warned that no one should take that as meaning any are ready to get back into game action.

"This has been going on a long time now," Coughlin said, referring specifically to Canty and Hixon. "They're encouraged. But let's not get ahead of ourselves."

When asked if he was ready to resume practice, Ross said in exasperated tones, "I hope so. It's day-to-day."

The injuries out of yesterday's games also put some players in doubt, though none of them seemed particularly serious. T Kareem McKenzie's MRI showed a slight knee sprain, and Coughlin said he was hopeful he could practice Wednesday. McKenzie offered a simple wave and a "Spectacular" and "Wonderful" to inquiries about his health.

LB Chase Blackburn said he sustained a "high (right) ankle sprain" but said he expected to be ready for Sunday in Kansas City. That should raise eyebrows, however, since even the most mild of high ankle sprains typically take weeks to heal. Blackburn also re-entered the game after having the ankle taped. "As with a lot of our guys, Chase will be in the training room for 24 hours where he can control the swelling. He came back and finshed the game, so..."

G Rich Seubert had his shoulder dislocated, but doctors were able to pop it back in. Coughlin said he expected him to be ready for Sunday.

By the way, DE Justin Tuck took eight snaps, all on third down, and his injured left shoulder held up well. He should see increased time this week if nothing stiffens up over the next couple of days.

Crazed Giant fan said...

Everyone wants to anoint the Giants as the team to beat. If the last two years have shown anything it is that how good you are in September is not as important as how good you are in Dec/Jan.

The great equalizer in all sports are injuries. We have taken quite a few so far, but frankly, if Eli goes down, so does our season. I feel the same way about Tuck. These are the two most crucial players on the team.

The other thing to remember is that you must continue to improve as the season goes on. And your younger players have to step up and make contributions.

Case in point, Terrell Thomas. This guy is pushing Ross. Is there any doubt about him as our #2 CB?

The next thing we need is someone, maybe Beatty to step up and give us depth on the O-line. Do you all really think that we can magically go through the season without an injury to the O-line.

And finally, one of our LB's maybe Sintim, maybe Kiehl needs to develop into a player.

That is the way it goes in the NFL. You must constantly be turning over your players because the wear and tear is so brutal. At this point, you have to realize that if we are doing it, so too is every other team in the NFL.

To me, the Eagles are the real competition. They have show they have depth at the QB position. They have Westbrook's replacement. DeSean has turned into a real threat. Now, if their recent draftee's develop, they will give us real trouble.

I am not ready to call the Giants the best team in football. But they sure have alot of hope to be that team

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on almost all your points except a few.

These are my can't live without players


Call me crazy but with this Oline Carr can take us where we want to go. I like his arm and I love his mobility so I am not putting Eli on my list.
Since I can't predict the future as far as injuries are concerned I don't think it's wrong to anoint the Giants the best team in football right now. At this point they are the best in my opinion. Will they be in 10 weeks if they get lots of injuries? Probably not but for now I'm going to enjoy it.

If Osi goes down you have Kiwi, if Smith goes down you have Mario etcetera etcetera. Now, if the injuries hit real hard and you start losing your second stringers your dead, but since you can’t control that, why worry.

James said...

What if the Giants ran the wildcat with Jacobs and Bradshaw? Just to throw in a wrinkle--not for any kind of staple play. The Giants would seem to be the last team on earth to use the wildcat, which is why it's so crazy it might work...

Andy F. said...

The Giants' version of the wildcat is David Carr rolling out and holding the ball for too long.

When I think about it, if we lost Webster, that would be a death blow. That guy makes the other 10 defenders infinitely better because he shuts down ~half the field.

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