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Friday, September 4, 2009

Patriots 38 NYG 27

The Giants were up 21-0 in Q1 and they lost 38-27. So what does that tell you? Once the Giants 1st string units were out, it got ugly. There was no depth on defense. A lot of the players left out there will not make the team.

On the bright side, the first string Giants offense operated efficiently vs the second string Patriots. Manning hooked up with Boss for 44 yards. Moss collected 2 TDs. Nicks made a nice adjustment to the ball and then scored. Pretty. Bradshaw had a blitz pickup to enable that TD.

Nicks went out in Q3 with a hip flexor injury. Did not see the play, not sure how serious it is. Nicks said he was fine after the game was over.

Manningham looked good again. He gets separation play after play. On one play he runs an inside slant, the ball is thrown behind him by Carr, he makes a great catch and gets tackled for a 9 yard gain. When Montana hits Rice on the same exact play it is in stride and you tack on another 10 or 20 yards. It's preseason and this is starting to get redundant already. Manningham gets separation when he makes his break. And because he does it so quickly, Carl Banks is practically drooling. He starts commenting how these Giants WRs are all very different, each one having different skill sets. TRANSLATED: Manningham has natural ability to get free in his route because he is so fast on the break, so if you are the QB you better know it is HIM you are throwing to because everyone else is in one spot and Manningham is already in the center of the field. On one play Manningham gets a 35 yard pass reception, goes back out on the very next play and splits two defenders with a step on each of them for another bomb but it is overthrown. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would be having pitch and catch with this guy all day long. I do not want to hear how we do not have Wide Receivers. Manningham is a Wide Receiver.

Quick extras from the game:
-Wilkinson, Travonti Johnson and Terrell Thomas had nice open field tackles before the 8th stringers led the swiss cheese assault on our senses
-Woodson and Bomar both threw picks, the first gave the Pats 6 and the second cost us 6. But I'll still take Bomar because he is spry, "flicks" the ball out so fast, give him time. If the Giants put him on the practice squad it is a mistake because someone will pick him up. Reese is smarter than that.
-another uncovered punt that is allowed to fall in with terrible field position
-poor kickoff coverage

Summary- first team Offense and Defense (2 sacks) did fine vs the Pats scrubs, scrubs NYG defense did miserably.

Box Buster Recipe #5:
Step 1> Manningham needs to play
Step 2> Manning needs to get his timing with him
Step 3> Other teams will get roasted if they leave Manningham alone one on one


Mitch said...

Do the Giants keep 6 or 7 WR's? Dunno...Did Moss step up? Yes. But was it because he was facing the 2nd string of new England? Possibly. The one thing you can't deny is that speed kills, and Moss has that. Hagen is pretty good on specials covering kicks....and that is important given that we will not have Tyree this season. It is a dilemma.

As we all know his biggest moment came in the Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., on Feb. 3, 2008. He caught a short touchdown pass from Eli Manning....his first of the season to give the Giants a 10-7 lead and then made the play of his life on New York's game-winning drive, hauling in a 32-yard pass, catching the ball against his helmet.

I believe Coughlin has a soft spot for Tyree...clearly an overachiever. But I do not think he is sentimental enough to keep a player who just can't get on the field.

Motown Blue said...

One more observation last night. They have weak weak depth in the secondary. If Ross, Wesbter or Thomas are out for extended periods of time they have big problems. Thomas left with a neck injury but appears, knock on wood, fine. I would like to see C.C. Brown cut and trade for a viable backup at safety. Brown totally browns. Besides Brown I believe the rest of the swiss cheese secondary last night has less than a year of experience.

Woodson should be cut today. What was he 3 for 20? Can't manage the clock as well. Bhomar stays as well as Moss. Trade Hagan and Tyree for depth at secondary.

Elliot said...

I hope the Giants end up keeping only 6 WRs, as the ball will spend so much time in the hands of Jacobs and friends to begin with, and I'm sure that good use can be made of the additional roster spot.(Safety? LB?)

Ideal to accomplish this would indeed be a Moss trade. I like him when he's on the field, not convinced that he'd remain there.

Anonymous said...

We need to keep tyree just for specials. He and Feagles make an unbeatable team. They are good for 50+ yards of field position per game.

Bob said...

Mitch was right. Manningham & Nicks should be starting. After 3 games under their belt, they will be very strong.

I'm afraid that's too much for TC to comprehend.

Andrew Nisinson said...

If we cut Sinorice Moss, it would be one of the dumbest moves we've ever made. If you watch his catches last night, and all the catches he made (NO DROPS) last year during the season, this guy is super fast, has good hands, and is a good player to throw in the mix. Right now Manningham is clearly our number 3 guy, Nicks is 4, Moss is 5 and Barden is 6. However, by the end of the season I wouldn't be surprised if Manningham has moved up that depth chart. He's the kind of guy that opposing teams will start double teaming after a while. With a wide receiver who other teams put in double coverage, i can't think of a better guy to throw in than Sinorice Moss. Put Moss and Manningham out wide, with Smith in the slot, and the quickness there will open up serious holes. This receiving corps has replaced size with speed, and I think Eli is discovering how to throw to these guys. Eli has also shown me something I haven't seen from him before, the ability to throw on the move. His footwork looks a lot better while on the run and with teams wanting to stack up men in the box, and a stable of speedy receivers, this could be huge for us. Also, Hakeem Nicks reminds me a lot of Amani Toomer, just a little shorter, a little faster, and a slightly bigger frame. This guy is a rookie and can already use his body to take dbacks out of position. My biggest concerns right now are our secondary (aaron ross isn't perfect but we NEED him to be healthy!), our linebacking corps (if Boley had the time to really get into the system I wouldn't be as worried here, but Pierce's age and health are a concern, we have no depth at MLB, I know I sound like a broken record but we should have taken rey maualuga somehow in the draft), offensive line (depth is an issue and kareem mckenzie is such a weak link), also defensive tackle. We have all these shiney new DT's but losing Alford is AWFUL, he was having a great camp and he's really been able to learn the system. Also Bernard needs to get healthy. Osi is gonna get a lotta double teams, we need guys to bust through the center. But my biggest concern of all right now is Bill Sheridan. From what I've seen, he reminds me of a Defensive version of Gillbride. He is predictable and he has no style. I hope he can find himself in the season. However I will say this, remember when Spags first came in, the Giants' D looked like the worst defense anyone had ever seen in those first two games. So we definitely have to give Sheridan a chance. I'm just not really sure what he'll bring to the team yet. But seriously, to all Giants fans, get a little piece of paper, get a pen and walk to your bed. Write on the piece of paper "ANTONIO PIERCE MUST STAY HEALTHY" and keep it under your pillow. To be honest, Pierce staying healthy is even more important than Eli staying healthy or Jacobs staying healthy. Right now he is the single most important player on our team, without him, our D looked chaotic and couldn't stop the run for shiz.

Andrew Nisinson said...

Manningham shouldn't be starting just yet. He's an amazing 3rd WR for now. Nicks, in a way, will be ready to start sooner, because of his frame and size, he's gonna be a good blocker. Right now, I feel like we need to be rotating these guys in and out like crazy. I also think we should be doing this with the running game. I'm actually more concerned with out D right now than our O. I think our offense has a chance to be truly dynamic, and the depth at the skill positions is very exciting. Our D is better in the first string than almost any in the NFL, but depth and injuries are an issue everywhere other than defensive end.

Mark said...

"Our D is better in the first string than almost any in the NFL, but depth and injuries are an issue everywhere other than defensive end." Andrew Nininson

Are you so certain about this? On this thread alone I've read how awful the secondary and LBer have been and the pre-season confirms that! Injuries do effect all the teams but when your team has a "system" all the players, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teamers, fulfill the position responsibility and the team maintains the level of play fairly well. The problem I see with this defensive team (I won't even address the Offense) is they do not execute the defensive scheme consistently. Good team D's like Philly, Ravens, Steelers, have a defensive scheme, philosophy and strategy. They try to dictate the terms while their on the field. Giants were pretty good under Spags. I don't think the new guy is in the same league, witness the recent spat with Osi.
This squad has two things going against them right now; one circumstantial, the other germane.
The former being injuries, the latter being the coaching staff/strategy/play calling.
Over the summer I fell under the spell, as most of us did, with the off season D signings that the Jints were unstoppable. Well reality and preseason has changed all that. I hope I'm wrong, but this team needs to ratchet it up and we have to hope that the coaching can provide the planning, guidance and strategy that will produce the most from the squad.
My fearless prediction: Giants 9 and 7

Andrew Nisinson said...

Mark, we're completely in agreement. Sheridan is a big question mark right now. In terms of personnel, if all of our key players stay healthy, our D is as good player-wise than any, but you're right, the Spags "kill the qb mentality" might be gone, but who knows, from everything I've heard, it seems like coughlin intends to keep that scheme. The steelers have had their defensive identity now through multiple coaches and numerous coordinators and assistants. I think we do have an established identity. And Sheridan would have to be the dumbest person in the world not to realize that his unit's biggest strength is the guys up front and their ability to get to the QB. Also remember it took spags two awful games, to finally get things working. So far, this transition looks a lot smoother. And I am convinced that if Pierce, Osi, Tuck, Phillips, and Webster stay healthy, our D will be very good.

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