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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Favre asks for unconditional release from Packers

Favre has asked the GB packers to unconditionally release him so that he can play football again in 2008.

How many times has this guy retired now? I lost track. We all put him up on a pedestal when he retired in March to honor his place as one of the top 10 quarterbacks of all time. So what do you want the Packers organization to do NOW? It is July and Favre has the itch to play again. I feel for the Packers because they are trying to move on. This is a disruptive move for them. Even if they made it known that they would not be receptive to another year, they have him under contract and could have easily traded him back in February to any of a host of teams that would logically feel they are a QB away from a title. And they should be able to do that now as well. But training camp opens up in less than 2 weeks, so any suitor has already lost at least SOME interest in a player like this. There really are no winners. If I am the Packers, out of respect for MY organization I try to trade him and if I cannot get much of anything I would then release him.

What kind of impact will Favre have with another team? He better join a team with an offensive line, because that itch to get back in the game will turn out to be a nightmare if he is getting clocked all the time. The only thing that is perfectly clear to me is that this is a mistake for Favre. Strahan is looking like a freaking genius right now. #92 spent some time, thought it over, made sure it was what he was going to do, did it and has made the right choice. The likelihood for Favre is that he will be joining a new system (even if it is something similar to the offense in GB), will have new linemen he needs to be on the same page with, new receivers he needs to be on the same page with... new trust issues he will have with his coaches. Unless he gets a "super" fit this is a can of worms of enormous proportions. He could have the greatest fit imaginable, still get blindsided at his age and not fully recover from injury. I respect his will to win, his will to play, but if the Giants taught him anything in his last game as a pro, it was that he was coming up a little short and needed to take a seat. In Canton.

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