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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nightmare on Lombardi Avenue

So now the Packers are not budging, intimating they will not release Favre and make him carry the clipboard. What a nightmare. The Packers don't want to be facing him in their division twice per year. They want Rodgers now. Theismann knows QBs....

"The Packers have said they would bring him back but not as the starter," former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann said. "That's ridiculous. That's so unfair to Aaron Rodgers. It has to be a trade. Everybody has drawn their lines in the sand. A deal's got to be made before training camp. It's a mess... I don't necessarily think there is a right or a wrong. I think the Green Bay Packers have done everything they can. They were told they had to move forward without Brett Favre, and then he changes his mind. What are they supposed to do, stop everything because he wants to change his mind? From Brett's side, he's doing something he feels like he can do and wants to do. But Brett has put the Packers in a very bad situation... (Favre) is the single most entertaining player on the field to ever play the position. I call him 'Everyman' off the field because every person out there can relate to the personal challenges he's been through. But no matter how this thing shakes out, I don't think it has served Brett very well... Green Bay would be stupid to trade him within the division. The best scenario for my money is Tampa Bay. Jon loves to have as many quarterbacks as he can get. If you're gonna trade for Brett Favre, you need him to play right now and Jon runs a pure form of the West Coast offense like Mike McCarthy did."

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