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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jay Glazer reports Jason Taylor signs with Skins

I think this deal is a mistake for the Skins. Everyone should know by now what I think of second round picks, the steak of the draft. So giving away what can arguably be your next Tiki or Strahan or Sehorn or Toomer or Umenyiora or Snee or Smith or... (get my point?) for a car with a lot of miles on it makes little sense to me. The Redskins are saying to me they will win this year or next year, and that rarely happens that you make a coaching change and get that kind of immediate turnaround. Snyder Snyder Snyder.

1 comment:

steve said...

really too bad the Jints couldn't have gotten J-Taylor for Shockey, thru the auspices of those Saints picks ...
would'a replaced the newly missing Strahan w/another *younger* all-pro, altho @ at twice the contract cost - wonder if Strahan would actually have come back if the team had doubled his contract!

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