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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Giants sign OT Shane Olivea

Giants signed OT Shame Olivea. Once again, it is not what is said but what is NOT said. What is not said is:
1) the Giants are not sold on Koets and Whimper.
2) the Giants were not (in hindsight) happy with themselves for not drafting a single Offensive Lineman and they desperately need some competition in camp.

It is simple numbers: a team carries 8-9 OLinemen on a 50 man squad (and when they dress 45 they usually only dress 7 OL). So when the team has guys like Brandon Torrey, Dylan Thiry, Kevin Boothe, Na'Shan Goddard, Andrew Bain and Digger Bujnoch, it is saying we need a little more competition than this. If one of them wins a job it is a lot. This is what camp is really about- the survival of maybe one of these guys on the final roster.


Bass said...

I don't know much about Shane Olivea. Hopefully the substance abuse issues are behind him. If it is a serious concern, I wonder if they have a person hang out with him during down time, like they do with the Texas Rangers Josh Hamilton in baseball, to observe that he stays clean.

Good news...
Ahmad Bradshaw was released from jail two days ago. I hope for his sake and the Giants sake that he will not get any additional penalties from the NFL stemming from his previous problems. Also, I hope that he was doing some type of exercise in jail, maybe the treadmill or the elliptical trainer! Hopefully this whole experience taught him a valuable lesson.

Andy F. said...

a month ago it was not an issue and it is still not an issue. the nfl was caught off-guard, but what are they going to do, start disciplining people for all pre-NFL behavior? next.

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