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Monday, July 21, 2008

PSL Choices

Reprinted from a comment made by ultimatenyg in the NY Times Fifth Down June 29th, 2008.
Yes, now that Wellington Mara is gone, the Giants fans are screwed. Some people do business with more loyalty than others. WE THE FANS ARE CUSTOMERS, nothing more, nothing less. If you do not like it, VOTE WITH YOUR FEET. I think what is going on here is that there are many people who want to teach the Maras and Tisches a lesson, leave, and have them get punished economically for their betrayal. IT IS NOT HAPPENING! And you KNOW THAT, namely that the waiting list is too long and there probably are many thousands more that are not even on the waiting list that will gladly pay for the PSL from someone in the secondary market once that gets going. Quit your crying and accept the fact that as customers you took ZERO risk. During World War II it was so bad that NFL franchises folded. The Eagles and Steelers became the Steagles for a few years. If the NFL were to implode you the fan can walk away with no financial burden. At the end of the day, loyalty shown or abandoned, these owners have the right to make any choice they want. If this decision to forego loyalty bites them on the behind decades or generations from now, so be it! For now we are all pissed because they are going to get away with it.

Your choices:
a) pay and keep going to games
b) pay and then resell the PSL in the secondary market for a PROFIT (how much pity do I have for you NOW?!!)
c) don’t pay, take the $ that would have been paid on seats AND/OR the PSL and use that to buy a home theatre so that you can watch the games at home in an upgrade
d) write angry letters to the Giants telling John Mara that his father is rolling in his grave
e) boycott the Giants
f) boycott football
g) buy a PSL in the secondary market from one of these disgruntled seasons tickets holders who chose (b) and finally get to go to games in the seats that these people only had because their grandfather had them
h) ADDENDUM (7/19)- trade down to a cheaper PSL from your grandfather's seat at the 50 yard line and get a cheaper one in the third tier

After the Baseball Strike of 1994, I was angry at greedy owners and greedy players and chose to boycott the sport by not going to games. 14 years and counting, and I have not given the whores of baseball a single dime. And now I watch (in vindicated amusement) as the steroids-deal-with-the-devil continues to erode the credibility of their sport. And yet I listen in horror on WFAN as these empassioned baseball addicts continue to support the de facto FRAUD! In the end baseball and football are still just a game and it is certainly just a business. I think John Mara has betrayed his father’s principles, but that does not make the situation any better. They made their choice, now we make ours.

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