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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Strahan WFAN

Strahan was on WFAN a few days ago... 12 minutes of remarks.

summary- 1)Tiki has a lot of intelligence, worth listening to. 2)Shockey gets a bad rap, he is in a no-win situation, if the Giants win this year they should have won because they were the defending champs, if they lose it was because he came back and they lost the chemistry. He gets a raw deal. If he is unhappy let him play with another team. 3)Defending the title not my problem anymore, feels good! 4)Basketball at least has a decent rookie contract structure. 5)His new job means speaking out so if he offends some players, that comes with the territory.


Cody said...

Everyone will love Strahan on the air. This is a good thing!

I just hope they don't put him on the sideline like that fat f#$k tony siragusa

Newstand staff said...

Are you able to get any press releases or publicity photos because of your blog? I am working on a fansite and was curious how that might be done.

Thank you in advance.

Newstand staff said...

My e-mail is mac.applebest@gmail.com

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