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Saturday, July 26, 2008

First day of camp

Sound bytes from morning practice on the ultimatenyg NY Giants blog.... Garafolo on the afternoon report from camp.

Eli Manning is the leader of the offense. He is simply more relaxed, now he is talking about receivers getting reps, TEs getting reps. He is focused on improving, and if he does the Giants are in very good shape.

Michael Jennings?!! I believe it was Sinorice Moss who mentioned that Jennings was making plays and looking very good out there. Remember, Jennings was making a lot of plays in preseason and was looking good until he got hurt last summer. We go from full to loaded at WR if Jennings is healthy.

Right now Ward, Bradshaw and Jacobs are sharing snaps with the first stringers.

Plaxico Burress was in camp but did not practice. He was on the sidelines on the bike and in meetings. Coughlin on him not practicing: "his ankle." Others are speculating it is all about the holdout, that he is not practicing because of the contract dispute. On the surface that is not true, but at this point this is what we are fed and it might still be part of a work 'slowdown.' Garafolo chronicles all the ongoings...

Coughlin singled out a nice play by Kenny Phillips in morning practice.


Mitch said...

Not to keep talking about our 1st rounder but, Phillips made two smart plays in the afternoon session, each time sniffing out an end-around and making a stop. He is definitely an ATHLETE!

My buddies and our sons are heading out to camp soon this morning and I'll try to find some other positives to post later on. BTW, there were alot of people here yesterday ( more than I have ever remembered before, maybe 3000 or so ) knowing Andy F. he'll probably have the numbers on that before I arrive home.

Andy F. said...

oh contraire, Mitch. If you are going to be at camp more than a few times after this I will have to let you post your updates to the blog through the front door instead of making you go through the comments back here. THANKS for giving everyone your color! GO PHILLIPS! GO MITCH!

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