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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fred Robbins uptick, Peter King on Shockey's exit

Vinny DiTrani Wed Morning Camp Report

Garafolo passes along an item of note- Brandon Jacobs went out of his way to praise the yoy improvement of Fred Robbins. I have to agree with Garafolo here that these are the items that are information on the margin. All the players are busy trying to survive camp, so when your starting RB notices the improved line play of a defender, it is noteworthy.

Peter King's recounting of the way the Shockey left dovetails with how this blog opined. The key was that this was a steady erosion- the Giants did not wake up one day and go from happy with #80 to wanting to move him. His disenchantment rose progressively through the offseason. The Giants' hand was pressured in April and it was forced after minicamp. This point is important- the Giants did NOT trade Shockey because of any perception that he was "addition by subtraction" in the Super Bowl run.

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