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Sunday, March 1, 2009


The Giants signed Chris Canty.

Wonder: "Huge huge acquisition for the Giants. He goes inside and outside, long giant arms, can rush from DE standpoint, QB has to get ball over him, knocks down the ball. He can move inside, he'll play inside. The Giants are going to have an unbelievable pass rush, they can be dominant. The Giants improved their defense dramatically with Boley and Canty. Canty, by being 26, you are going to get 4-5 VG years from him. Guys like Canty do not get hurt, their body-type does not put the pressure on the knees, more flexible, weight more evenly dispersed, the Ed Too Tall Jones type who plays to an older age, the Tony Gonzalez-type. Bernard is a grinder, his best days are behind him, not thrilled with that move, fireplug guy. Now the coaches just have to integrate all of these players, but they have it assembled."

Btw, read the El Wondero numbers from Friday ("6 yrs 42M acceptable") for what to pay Canty.

Wonder on the Patriots sending Cassell to KC- KC did fine, Patriots were afraid that they would be stuck with Cassell.

Money for Haynesworth was too too much. His knees are a little screwed up, hasn't played a full season since like 2002. So the skins get 3 years, 2 very good years, but a disappointment in the post-mortm after the entire deal is in the rearview mirrow. The money for DeAngelo Hall is crazy. As in insane.


Bob said...

Signing Canty, Rocky, & Boley.
I can't freaking believe it.

Ok, now we've got a KILLER D.

Need to work on a stud WR &
resigning Ward

Can't wait for the season to start.

Now the rumors will start flying about trades .

March 1, 2009 5:23:00 PM EST

Bob said...

This will help sell those PSL's

dberenson said...

Indeed, this is all very encouraging. And Osi coming back too.

I still think we have some work to do on the LB side, even with Boley.

But if I were Romo, McNabb, or Campbell, I would be reading the news this week with a lump in my throat.

Motown Blue said...

With that D line rotation we can now afford to be aggressive in the first round to grab the best available MLB, Malualuga or Matthews. I wouldn't be suprised if Pierce is cut depending on the draft outcome.

This free agency sets up the draft to cushion and weening of a rookie MLB.

Also, takes the pressure of the draft and target best available after round 1.

In the end I am much happier with 3 bargain players for $84 million versus $100 million for Haynesworth.

Andy F. said...

well, Canty is no "bargain," and Wonder thinks the Giants overpaid a bit for Boley, but there is little doubt that the Giants got it done in a big way. think about who the Giants and Redskins got in terms of longevity:

Haynesworth: has played 7 seasons, is going to be 28 at start of season, 16,12,10,14,11,13,14 games played each season.

Canty: has played 4 seasons, is going to be 26 at start of season, 16,16,16,16 games played each season.

Obvly Canty cannot hold Haynesworth's jock strap RIGHT NOW, but he can play DL well, and if Wonder is right about the body-type (the 'games started' numbers so far seem to agree, don't they?!!!), then this is the tortoise and the hare, and Snyder is always going hare.

Craig said...

How much cap room do we have left? I think the Eli resigning will have to wait

Mitch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
xtian said...

i'm a bit shocked myself at the signing of boley, rocky, and canty. looks like no dt [and probably no de] will be drafted.

forget resigning ward already! we still have 3 good rbs and should spend the money elsewhere.

welcome butler back on the cheap. i remember noticing him and blackburn in preseason because of how good they were on special teams coverage--i was quite happy when both were kept. i really like butler but he is a bit slow for a starter. he reminds me of pierce. a high char guy who though physically limited plays smart.

regardless, draft a safety high, other choices should be wr, te, ot, or lb [but not wlb].

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