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Friday, March 6, 2009

Terrell Owens

What some of the silent email crew said to Ultimatenyg today about the idea of the Giants getting Terrell Owens for 1 year:

Andy L.: "Bring him on-what the heck we just signed 2 guys who were arrested for domestic violence-1 year of TO in the Big Apple-that would actually be sort of fun."

Marvelous: "Great Blog Today! B*LLLSYYYYYYY & on target too!! I'd take him --period!! We NEED him & he'd LOVE playing the Big Apple & BEATING the Dallas organization too!! +++ all the others. Our D is FAB & we are in dire need of some EXPLOSIVENESS on O!! YESSSSSSSS!!"

Rob: "He is a poison and a cancer. He will destroy your team and he will not get you the ring. He is 'fools gold.' I pass without any regrets."


And then the not-so-silent Wonder: "ABSOLUTELY...make it TOTALLY INCENTIVE DRIVEN WITH TEAM, TEAM, TEAM goals!!! I guess the Giants are too 'Coughlinesque' to CHANGE!...remember Moss going to NE for a #4 pick? "Oh, he'll be a locker room cancer,etc."...JUST bring T.O. in and TALK to him with REESE,COUGHLIN, MANNING, PIERCE, and TUCK right there !!! If it's not "unanimous", fine...forget about him...butttttt, make an EFFORT for crying out loud."

Ultimatenyg here.

(1) malcontent Corey Dillon came into New England and all of a sudden became a model citizen. The Patriots won a title THAT YEAR. And everyone forgot what a cancer he was on the Bengals.

(2) If it does not work out, you lose THIS SEASON. At least you tried. 31 teams lose each year.

(3) Only 1 year: we will have much more visibility on where Manningham, Hixon, Moss, BurressBailJail and the highdraftpickrookie are.

Reese took some risks in opening up the wallet for Canty. It was a move we applauded because it said we needed to get better. This is a unique oppty for the Giants, where Burress and Toomer are not there and the team could use a 1 year WR shot of adrenaline. Everyone who wants to runrunrunJacobs will have an easier time of it with TO on the corner. TO is a helluva blocker too, and you don't think he could be the difference in springing #44 on a huge run? Manning is an inaccurate passer, but TO is a big and strong WR that can make him better.

Gilbrown's lack of aggressiveness and lack of risk-taking meant we ended up as one of the 31 losers last season. I'd rather take a chance and go down swinging than take a call strike three. Jacobs. Bradshaw. Owens. Smith. Boss. 1 year.


Pastime Princess said...

Bring on Owens. 1 year and he is out.

Mike Kavis said...

No freaking way! You must be insane. Why did we win the Superbowl? Team! This guy is the ultimate anti team player. It is hard enough for a QB to succeed in NY with all of the pressure and media. Throw in this one man circus and every week will be the equivalent of what the Giants went through with the whole Pierce/Plax media blitz. No thanks. Can you honestly root for this idiot. I would puke seeing Giants fans running around with #81 jerseys on. Wake up people!

Mitch said...

Whoever wants this has been drinking the Drew Rosenhaus Koolaid!!!!



Let me interject some reason into this. If you evaluate this logically and think this through there is no "Browning" way you do this.

He wrecked San Fran...He wrecked Philly...and now he wrecked Dallas. I don't want to hear about short term or any other idea that keeps him motivated... ALL I HAVE TO KNOW IS THAT HE IS A... "FRANCHISE KILLER"

Look what happened to Philly and how he destroyed the relationship with Donovan. Look how much better Philly has become since he left.

Parcells restored Dallas back to playoff contention after he took over the franchise. Jerry Jones says. "We need T.O." so what does Parcells do...he leaves. He knew TO was a franchise killer. Now look at Dallas...they are totally disfunctional.

Besides that he is 35...doesn't like going over the middle anymore...and has had 20 drops in the past 2 years.

You got to be freaking nuts to want this cancer on your team, Forget it and move on. Plax is a choir boy compared to him, and by the way, Jerry Reese is way too smart to even consider this.

Andy F. said...

In 1 year TO did NOT destroy ANYTHING. In Dallas, as an example, he was JUST signed to a 4 year extension last year with an 8 figure bonus. He thought he was a fixture. Fixture = nuisance = cancer. Here in NY, if you sign him to the opposite, he is a temp. He is not bossing anyone around as a temp. The fact that TO is 35 is exactly why it can happen. Normally he would never consider such an arrangement. Here, he would have to rethink who he is at this point in his career. 1 year and he is out. Like Wonder says, talk to him, see if he is interested in a situation where the team is going to run the ball and that his role is going to be a lot of run blocking (a huge plus) and taking the pressure off loading the box. Even a wacko like TO can be a team player for 1 year, when his status is follower. He has not been in that situation since he was much younger, when he was a follower and not the alpha in SF. As a follower, fighting for a role, he played for many years in SF in relative anonymity. His trouble starts when he is the alpha. Jacobs is the alpha. TO would be the temp. That is why 1 year works- he knows he is never going to be the alpha. And how much fun would it be to have him hoisting the trophy a year after getting cut by Jerry?!!! That would be worth it alone! (And let's not forget, the reason why we have Canty is because Jones ran out of cap space to re-sign him, partially because of the TO extension.)

Mike Kavis said...

The more you defend having TO in NY, the less I respect your opinion. That's just nonsense. I would prefer to package some of our 9 picks and 2 supplementals and possibly a DL player and see how we can get the Cards to give us Boldin.

Andy F. said...

having TO in NY? by the time he figured out what exit to get off the NJ Turnpike, his contract would be over. This is a temp.

xtian said...

you guys have lost your mind. have any of you played on or coached a team with a talented asshole? i have done both and it ruins it for everyone. wasn't everyone saying dallas has the most talent in the nfc. well, t.o. was on that team and they self-destructed. talent didn't overcome internal problems.

t.o. killed 3 out of 3 franchises. your comparisons are invalid: dillon was on crappy team forever that eventually gave him a bad attitude then went to a good one and behaved well; moss was fine on minn, didn't give full effort on the completely dysfunctional oak, now has been good on n.e.

to think that he would behave well for a year is nuts with the inconsistent gilbride not getting him the ball and manning throwing too many inaccurate balls.

also t.o. drops lots of balls and you know many giant fans hate him and would boo the hell out of him. well, mr whiner would lose it.

Nature said...

even though im not for bringing in TO and i agree he is a A-HOLE, im tired of hearing that he ruined DALLAS....the dude had 38 td's in 3 season LOL i will take tha kind of ruining!!! DALLAS has a WEAK HEARTED QB. Romo flat-out SUX in DECEMBER thats is what ruined DALLAS. In the COWGIRLS biggest games (Seattle in 06, ny in 07, and the eagles in 08) its ALWAYS ROMO who doesnt show up. If ROMO plays well in those games TO after game comments dont even matter. what bothers me the most is his comments after a WIN. games in which the COWGIRLS have won he still cries about the ball, that is the deal killer for me

Also because of the media factor....the NY media would pull TO out of any box the GIANTS put him in.

I say no, but anyone who thinks it had NO CHANCE of working are not being realistic

Bob said...


In a perfect world, T.O. is the piece missing from the Giants SB puzzle. IFF he would sign a 1 yr contract...heavy on incentives, IFF
he would agree to a secondary role, IFF he would agree that the run game comes first, IFF he wouldn't freak out every time Eli threw a wobbly,short pass to him.

If frogs had wings they would fly.

I believe we all want another SB championship so bad that we're reaching out for leaky life preservers instead of swimming toward the shore.

Get a grip. T.O. is a meglomanic
who screwed up 3 teams with his egomania. People with personality disorders don't get better, they get WORSE with age. He is 35 goddam
years old....this is nuts.He is too high risk when we are so close to our goal.

We won in 2008 with a team first attitude. We will need that to win again...above all. We didn't have the best talent in 2008,we had the best team. You're falling into the SAME TRAP as the NYY and Cowgirls. Can you imagine the locker room if Owens started acting up & the alpha
(Jacobs) reacted....a goddam fistfight.....that would be great for team unity.

Show me many teams who have bought a SB trophy thru free agency.
Most have tried & failed. NYJ,

We need to get real, trade up in the draft, & get the best young
WR we can get our hands on. Stick
with how we won in 2008...team
first & youth.

Craig said...

If the giants sign TO, i will switch to being a Jet fan. Not to mention that we dont enough cap space for him and 3 1st & 2nd rd draft picks

Mike Kavis said...

Like Craig said, it would be tough to root for my GMen with TO on the team. My love for the Yankees has been in a drastic decline ever since they started bringing in guys like Johnny "I'm the next Mickey Mantle" Damon, A-Roid, and Jason "I wear a gold thong" Giambi. The Giants have always been a class act which is why I like the way they handled Plax. Nobody is bigger then the team!

Gilad said...

I don't think anybody has mentioned this: how does it help the Giants, and the other teams mentioned in the Daily News article, to explicitly say they're not interested in T.O.? They're just providing a discount to whichever team eventually signs him.

Andrew Nisinson said...

For one year, why not take the chance. I don't think our team could win the SB sans plax even after the draft unless we get some kind of weapon at WR... he doesn't have to even put up huge numbers, he just needs to put up decent numbers and prevent teams from putting 8 men in the box. For a one year, incentive-laden contract... where the incentives are TEAM based and not stats based, I think it's worth a shot. But there is almost no chance that Jerry Reese will do this. We need something to change the complexion of the offense, and if it's not TO, it's gotta be something.

Andrew Nisinson said...

Okay to everyone out there who keeps talking about Boldin. As I have said on this blog for the past month... (I'm gonna put it in caps this time so nobody forgets) BOLDIN IS NOT GOING TO BE TRADED THIS SEASON AND EVEN IF HE WERE, HE WOULD NOT BE COMING TO THE GIANTS. It's nice to talk about Crabtree and Boldin but they will not be playing on the giants next year. This makes it very easy to just say hell no to owens. But think about it, as retarded as he seems to be, it's true that he has been good in the first year or two with teams. If you look at players like Plax and TO, they only really get psycho when they get comfortable. Also, TO wants to win a championship, if he goes to a crappy team that doesn't stand a chance, like Oakland, his legacy will truly end with being fired in Dallas. We have a strong head coach and a good locker room, if TO came in, he would work hard and try to keep his head down. He'll want to show people what he's made of. So let me put it this way... if Jerry Reese becomes okay with bringing TO in, then I am okay with it. I have faith in Jerry, and he is considering everything that we are and more. So let's just wait and see. Nothing will probably happen, but if Terrell does end up in New York, Jerry will make sure that it is in the right way, and I'm sure that it will be the right decision.

Craig said...

Ok what happens if we sign him to a 1 year contract, and he behaves, plays great, and we reach the superbowl. Would we resign him to a longer contract? think about it. If he's a model citizen then why wouldnt we resign him. he gets some security and BOOM! Sit ups in the driveway

Mike Kavis said...

Mike So far 17 teams have publically announced that they don't want TO http://www.kffl.com/player/1608/nfl/news

The Giants were one of the first to declare it. So it's not gonna happen, thankfully.

Mitch said...

Hey everyone...I've been reading the Dallas papers to see the reaction of media, fans etc. The interesting thing about the whole scenario is while they are upset with the off season releases of players, the owner Jerry Jones & Tony Romo...most of their anger is directed at whoo???

scroll down....

Jason Garrett!!!

Maybe we can trade OC's straight up!

Bob said...

read this re T.O.


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