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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lunch Special

Burress case delayed until June. This is a negative for Burress (he could not get a deal with min/no jail time) and the Giants (waiting game continues, still assuming without his services).


Charles Wantman said...

Is there any sane person who thinks Burress will be back? Ever? Especially in a bash-the-spoiled-rich-AIG'ers era? Rich Wagoner will be in a Giants uniform before Plax.

Craig said...

Its very possible that he could try to get a Bradshaw type jail time and just spend like 3 months of the off season in jail for a few years. wouldnt miss any football time just the offseason workouts and in jail theres nothing else to do but lift

Bob said...

Stranger things have happened.

I wouldn't rule out Burress coming back at some point. The Giants need someone with his talents, badly. A
substitute for Burress has not materialized. Of course, that could all change after the DRAFT.

If O.J. got off, just about anything can happen in our legal system.

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