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Monday, March 16, 2009

Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels

Not sure if you have been paying attention to the soap opera in Denver, but it is certainly interesting.

It all started when Josh McDaniels was brought in as the new head coach of the Denver Broncos to replace Mike Shanahan.

And then it was all downhill after that. McDaniels wanted his former QB at New England (Matt Cassel), and missed getting him in a 3-way deal that would have sent Jay Cutler to Tampa Bay. But the damage was done.

I know very little about Josh McDaniels, but I know this: Cutler is the real deal and to NOT work with him for at least a year is patently absurd. For what it is worth, the moment that Cutler expressed his disatisfaction that he was being peddled and that Cutler's availability was in play, Wonder started foaming out the mouth...

On March 1st: Jets should trade T.JONES, CLEMENS, and a 2nd-round pick to DENV for J. CUTLER; Denv desperate for RB and a rift b/t McDaniels and Cutler is a real problem...they'll have Clemens for now and can draft a QB to groom...Freeman in the 2nd?

Point? Getting rid of Cutler makes no sense. He is a FRANCHISE QB. I lost track of the number of times Phil Simms endorsed him and his abilities. Is Cutler acting a little like a primadona for this? Yes. But in this sport, your #1 QB is the bedrock of your franchise and could easily be there well after the head coach. That Bowlen had to get involved to try to put this fire out so quickly after hiring McDaniels obviously means this is a burgeoning nightmare. Someone is going to have to explain to me why McDaniels could not at least TRY to work with Cutler for 1 year before deciding he wanted something better. If you say that it was all about Cassel, then I will reply- SO WHAT?!!! Tough brown that Cassel is on the market in your first year as a head coach. How many times have we seen a replacement shoot up the charts and then flame out just as quickly when he tried to anchor another franchise? The difference is that Cassel COULD be a franchise QB. We already know that Cutler IS the franchise QB of Denver.


Motown Blue said...

This appears to be another example of the culture of arrogance in Belidick land. Per quotes from Cutler from ESPN McDaniels didn't back off and was proud of his cradle to starter grooming of Cassel:


You look at all these assbrowns from Belichick's system Weis, Mangini and now McDaniels. They all have that arrogant trait with Weis owning the prince of arrogance in that crowd.

McDaniels will not last as he has already shown he is in over his head. I lived in Denver for 8 years and that fan base will not stand for his arrogance. They will run him out of town within 2 years, if that long.

xtian said...

i lived in boulder for years and the bronco fans are very loyal to their players. after having elway and then not much, they appreciate cutler's ability. they will side with cutler. an absolutely idiotic decision to choose cassel over cutler. every other coach in the league would rather have cutler. i understand cassel knows the system, but come on! jets would be lucky as hell to get cutler. btw, cutler is as an exciting interview as eli.

mezzanine said...

Belichek doesn't like his assistants deserting him. My guess is that McDaniel got gamed. Belichek promised Cassel to Denver then fire sold him to KC and leaked the aborted deal.
I disagree with Wonder and this site, trading Cutler (a prima donna--see above) and getting Cassel would have been a great deal for Denver.

Russ Wellen said...

Love Cutler -- one of the most exciting players in the league. And credibility of McDaniels will be damaged if they lose him.

But how can an NFL quarterback possibly be so thin-skinned? Look at Eli. Everything rolls off his back.

Cutler's like the anti-Eli.

Bob said...

The current Broncos soap opera melodrama is a sad joke. Cutler is a potentially great QB, but acting like a 13 yr old girl.

I bet the Broncos ownership is having second thoughts about letting Mike Shanahan go.

NYG24 said...

This is all about money. Cutler is scheduled to earn just over a million this season after collecting about $17 million before this year on his contract. The whole thing is a pile of ----, his agent is seldom heard from Bus Cook who has his players do all the talking. Like with Favre! Now Cook says he wants a new deal. Of course Cutler noticed they had signed Chris Simms to a $6 million 2 year deal.

The whole scenario from the phony trade by Belichick to his pal in KC throwing in Vrabel for just a 2nd round pick, when just for Cassel through Tampa Bay Patriots were offered a 1 and a 3 and they refused it. And then the only place the story leaked was in the BOSTON GLOBE that Cutler had been discussed in that trade. Who do you think told the Boston Globe? Tampa ay or Denver? And Belichick now has succeeded in putting his buddy Pioli's division rival Broncos in total confusion as Cutler tries to pull a Terrell Owens on them - mucho more money than deal he agreed to. But we'll see if ESPN starts bashing a white guy like they bashed Owens.

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