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Monday, March 30, 2009

Phil Mushnick airs a PSL story worth hearing

Yesterday, Phil Mushnick, proud NY Post muckraker extraordinaire, aired a PSL story that was sad yet typical of the bs gouging:

As the PSL and other ticket stories roll in, we'll roll some out.

Here's one from a longtime holder of good Giants season tickets, lower deck near the 40:

The Giants want $20,000 per seat for the PSLs. So the fellow calls the Giants and tells the sales rep he has decided he will cough up the $80,000 for the PSLs plus the $5,000 or so per season for the tickets, but the club must meet one, small request.

"What's that?" the rep asks.

"Just stop charging me for those two home exhibition games every year."

The patron goes on to explain that among all the ripoffs he has endured -- all the night games and hikes in parking fees -- being forced to pay for games that don't count and are played by players who aren't likely to make the team is the one he can't stomach.

"I can't even give those tickets away. Eliminate those tickets or waive their cost, and I'll send a check for the balance, the $84,000 and something."

"But I can't do that," says the ticket rep. "I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry, too," said the ticket-holder, now an ex-ticket holder, though the Giants have called back to see if he changed his mind.


Oxbay said...

I'm not on the waiting list and I never have been. Now I live too far away to go to games anyway. I can't foresee that ever changing.

For others, especially you all who live near exit 16W there must be a dilemma floating around somewhere. Many people might choose to not buy PSLs and season tickets by figuring they'll just watch it on TV. If too many choose that option then the Giants might not have a sellout. If the game is not soldout it won't be shown in the New York metropolitan area.

I wonder how long that would last.

Oxbay said...

I mean to say that I think a non sellout or two would stimulate demand. Either present naysayers would change their mind or new customers would step up.

Although it is a lot of moolah.

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