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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Safety and Tight End signings, TO released

CC Brown signed as third safety.

Jerry Reese's formula is no secret. He addresses his needs in free agency so that he can draft for as much value as possible and not feel constrained by need to fill any one particular position. Plus, he looks at the strength of the upcoming draft at each position and then targets free agents where the draft is going to be soft. Logical and sound. Everyone on the blog could have set their watch by him addressing the safety need in free agency. The only thing surprising about this year's free agent signings was the profile of Canty and (to a lesser extent) Boley. But obviously Reese shed his dogma of building exclusively through the draft.. and quickly at that. It is good to be unpredictable. Other teams that were mixing it up with Reese on players like Canty and Boley and Haynesworth did not know what was coming next. Keep them guessing wherever possible.

Look at the older players on the Super Bowl team:
Strahan gone.
Robbins replaceable by Canty and Bernard if he cannot stay healthy.
Madison gone.
McQuarters gone.
Toomer gone.
Ruegamer gone.

O'Hara better stay fit or else he'll be supplanted too.

Time is relentless.

And guess who will be 32 by the start of the season? Plaxico Burress. Just remember it's bail before jail so you better not fail.

Speaking of diva WRs, overnight we learned that TO was released. Rule 24: # of headcases <= strong head coaches. (If you have a strong head coach you can have up to 1 head case in the locker room. If you have a weak head coach you cannot have any. A strong head coach with 2 head cases means a locker room infestation and problems.) So let's do the inventory down there in Dallas when TO came in...

TO=headcase. Parcells=strong head coach. 1<=1. Check.

And when they made a coaching change...

TO=headcase. Phillips=weak head coach. 1<=0. That math did not work. Either the head coach or Owens was going to have to leave. This is a win for the Giants as long as that weakest link, Wade Phillips is there.

Okay, I know what you are thinking... hmm, if we got TO, we would be over the top and would win a Super Bowl title. There is ONE way to do that. The idea of letting that toxic nightmare into anyone's lockerroom opens up a can of worms. But the one way I would do it is to give him a one year deal (assuming we have the cap space left). He needs to rebuild. The Giants need a 1 year answer to Burress. He seems to be able to behave for one year before starting to cause trouble wherever he goes. You know he would be a nightmare, running roughshod over Manning. But probably not in the first year. "We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings." One thing about Owens, he plays hard and wants to win... joining the Giants and staying inside the division would be quite logical for him. ONE YEAR! One title. The Giants offense could be so scary good with him, it is seducing me to the dark side. Coughlin is the unquestioned, strong head coach. 1<=1. A 1 year deal and a title.


Mitch said...



There is no way you want T.O. in the locker room. I don't care how motivated he is. Can't you just see him after a bad loss..."Well if Eli hadn't thrown the ball 2 feet in front of my ankles, or what does he want me to do jump up to catch it as if I am LeBron James"

No thank you...I'd rather take my chances with Plax...and you all know how I feel about him returning.



Mike Kavis said...

Are you nuts. He set Philly back a few years and now Dallas. We need him to go to Washington and put them out of contention for a few years (wait, they are already there). The Giants need a receiver but not a cancer. Don't get tempted my the crack pipe dude!

Bob said...

Very very tempting, the sweet smell of the T.O. opium is tempting me.

I will resist it. think we should trade up in the draft for a high quality WR.R

Brian said...

I like it. Give him a one year incentive rich contract with very little guaranteed. I'm not sure how to work it, but I'm sure JR and co are smart enough to figure out the mechanisms; set up a framework in the deal where he gets fined for being a team killer and rewarded when he isn't, like demerits in parochial school. Put in a team option for a 2nd year if he is an absolute angel, knowing full well there is 0 chance it gets picked up, but is just enough of a motivator to keep him quiet.

The Giants are winners with a strong locker room and a strong head coach from the Parcell's school, this can work. It's a perfect one year stop gap between to either get Burris back (I think there is 0 chance he plays in 2009) or develop Hey-Bey into the beast he will be.

Motown Blue said...

Just heard about TO here and the scenarios laid out are intruiging.

First we need to view how the market develops for him and if it is cold then you visit the possibility with leverage. If this is the case then I would be interested based on your ability to play hard ball in contract terms. The contract has to be incentive laiden with clear points on behavior that will be fined etc.
If you approach him on expectations that he is there to fulfill a role and not be the go to guy.

I have heard it before that TO is good for one year and that is it because of his mental instability. If he doesn't live up to his contract during the year and begins to throw tantrums, cut him immediately.

T.O. is just an mentally unstable and unhealthy person. I just don't think he is as evil as everyone makes him out to be. A strong organization, tough head coach and team first locker room would contain him for the brief time he would be there. One year is all any organization can handle of him.

My one concern is that if he does blow up it will be directed at Gilbrown and then Gilbride's support level will rise.

Championships don't come along often and we need to take chances. I think the Giants would have the power in this relationship and can easily dispose of him if it doesn't work out in their favor.

Nature said...

T.O for 1 year is tempting but we need to stay away from that.....i think?!?!?

if we gave up our 1 and a 2 to get Crabtree i wouldnt even care, i think this defense has a chance to repeat 07 and just cripple teams with d-line rotation. we should give up a 1 and a 3 for BOLDIN, why not? what Boldin can do for us THIS YEAR would be bigger than a 1st or 3rd round guy in this draft

Nature said...

if Tory Holt is released i wouldnt mind seeing him in Giant blue. i would put his ROUTE RUNNING abilities up against any receiver, nobody runs better routes than BIG GAME

xtian said...

are you nuts?! f***in no way on t.o. besides being a me-1st spoiled brat the dude is 35 and cannot carry a team anymore. wouldn't necessarily put us over the top. sends a bad msg to the entire league about who the giants are as they emphasize team.

move up in the draft and get one of the better wrs. trade for boldin or edwards. much better options.

btw, hello cc. still need to draft a safety.

Motown Blue said...


Per MG sources you can for getta about it.

No Boldin. Not worth what you would have to trade and not to mention how much to pay, $10 mill a year.

Nature said...

motown blue do you not recognize how good boldin is? do you know how many NFL records BOLDIN already owns? dude the guy is a BEAST #1 receiver. before FITZGERALD got there BOLDIN was kickin ass. from his rookie season the guys has been a flat out stud...in my opinion PLAX cant touch BOLDIN

Boldin also set an NFL record for most receiving yards by a rookie in his first game (217), and holds the NFL record for most receptions in the first 26 games of an NFL career (157) as well as the fastest to record 300 career receptions (47 games).

6 Seasons Q!!!
Receptions 502
Receiving Yards 6,496
Receiving TDs 40

9 seasons BURRIS
Receptions 505
Receiving Yards 7,845
Receiving TDs 55

100 seasons TOOMER
Receptions 668
Receiving Yards 9,497
Receiving TDs 54

yeah you right he aint worth but CHEDDAR BOB IS?!?!?!?

people are so AMAZED at FITZGERALD that the forget what BOLDIN did without him. Boldin has been a constant PRO-BOWL receiver.

Craig said...

Boldin is one of like 3 receivers worth $10 (andre johnson, larry fitz).

I do not want TO on the team. if he was, gilbride would never give him the ball and we know what happens when TO doesnt get the ball. Eli couldnt handle Shockey. TO is about 8 times more of a pain in the ass selfish player than shockey.

Cincinatti seems like the place where players you dont want on your team go to. And they did just lose a receiver. would it work? NO, would they try?

Andrew Nisinson said...

T.O. or Team Obliterator, as skip bayless from ESPN likes to call him, is clearly one of the great talents at wide receiver in the history of the game. He is fast, strong, physical, talented and completely driven. He's even a sick blocker. The guy is a monster. That being said... THE GUY IS A MONSTER! He's completely self-obsessed and maybe believes in his own abilities too much (and they are declining). I know how you feel, when I heard he had been released I had fantasies running through my head of number 81 playing for us. Getting a last chance to be great from the Giants and deciding to turn over a new leaf. Then I started having fantasies of Reese signing Owens AND Plax getting acquitted and coming back. Mmmmm two ridiculous big targets scoring 10+ TD's a year for the Giants, Fitzgerald-Boldin eat your hearts out. However, if plax came back and we signed TO, your formula would be lopsided in the wrong direction. But what worries me most has nothing to do with Plax coming back or not. Imagine we get TO... what was the biggest problem with having Shockey there... he undermined Eli... imagine how much TO would undermine and try to push around Eli. I have always been an admirer of TO's abilities but I just don't think it's the right move. And I doubt that Jerry Reese would do this. It's VERY tempting... but we shouldn't do it.

Bob said...

Why the talk re Boldin ? Nonsense !
He's not a free agent, just another
egomaniac complaining about not enough touches. Besides he'd want
10 mil/yr. Out of the question
for the NYG.

Did you forget the trmper tantrum
hr threw after the Cards won the NFC championship. He wasn't happy his team won, he was pissed he didn't get enough touches.

Bob said...

Very very few teams have been able to buy a Lombardi trophy with free agency acquisitions. I can't remember any recently, although NE came close in 2008.....and were stopped by us !

The Boys & Skins have tried the hardest and failed the most miserably !

I'm afraid we're going to have to do it the old fashioned way, by building from the draft.

Craig said...

Bob, Boldin was upset because they took him off the field, and a guy like him has probably always been on the field with the offense and why would you take him off the field. he's never said he wants the ball more.

Russ Wellen said...

Andy wrote:
He addresses his needs in free agency so that he can draft for as much value as possible and not feel constrained by need to fill any one particular position.

I never knew this. Thanks.

Three more reservations about T.O. 1. Be prepared for the first time he does his alligator-arms act so that you don't kick in your TV. 2. The drops will break your heart. 3. Finally, everybody forgot about that suicide attempt, however half-assed it was. Imagine if he does something like that again as a Giant.

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