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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wonder comments on Burress and Cutler, TOOMER COMMENTS TOO

Three items today, do not miss Toomer's comments at the end.

First, Wonder commented on the 2 big news items:
1) Plaxico Burress court appearance delayed until June 15th. (More on this article below, see "Toomer.")
2) Jay Cutler and the Broncos are getting a divorce

On Burress... Either the Giants want Burress back or not, but EITHER WAY they have to
(a) get the moron atty and moron Burress to accept ~90 days of jail, (get him some cable tv, jokes Wonder), 45 of it will be in a halfway/his own house etc. and he'll be out
(b) work with the NFL right now and arrange for a deal with Goodell, contingent upon Burress negotiating w courts above, where the Giants suspension at the end of the 2008 season (5 games + Playoffs) is recognized by the NFL as time served.
Both of those things must be done IN ANY SCENARIO.

>>>If you want Burress back, all these things are finished and he is ready for camp.

>>>If you do not want Burress back, all the bs is cleared away, and NOW YOU CAN TRADE HIM for a #2. There are more than a few teams that will want him.

Wonder is irate at the atty- he had 4 months to do a deal and did not, what kind of bullbrown is that?! Time is money for a 31 year old WR who needs to be playing in 2009. This delay could cost his client millions. (Yes, he could do delayed service of time in next year's offseason, but that does not clear the deck for a trade.)

On Cutler, Wonder expects Denver to have a deal done in 48 hours. He is too hot a commodity and everyone will be trying to deal for him, so Denver will get a good price. CUTLER IS WORTH EVERY PENNY. How many times does a Pro Bowl QB with a rocket arm and TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD COME ALONG?!!! Assuming you have a QB wish, he is worth it to get him. Yes, Wonder knows about the things being said about him not being a great teammate, but it is not a big enough issue. For the Jets, who have guys like Jenkins, Jones and Faneca in the lockerroom, he'd be fine. Add Rex Ryan, and it is no problem.

Wonder's proposed trade: Jets give up David Harris (who Mangini loves) to Cleveland, a #1 to Denver, Cleveland gives up Derek Anderson, Jets get Cutler. Denver gets a Pro Bowl QB plus a #1. Cleveland gets a stud LBer and no longer has a QB controversy, the Jets get a franchise QB.

Other teams that could/should be strongly interested: TB, Chi and Minn. Minn just got Sage Rosenfels, but ship him off to Denver along with your backup RB Chester Taylor (Denver needs a RB) and a #1 in a deal for Cutler. TB does not have anything strong enough to offer for Cutler other than draft picks. Chi can get a deal done by throwing in Kyle Orton, Olsen and a #1.

The team that wants Cutler most will get it done quickly. Wonder reminds us that Bart Scott, one of the most coveted LBers in free agency, was sought after by more than a few teams waiting to talk to him. The Jets literally flew down to his house, called him up and asked him to take his dogs away, that they were in the driveway at 12:15AM after free agency had just begun. He packed his bags, went to visit the Jets and the deal was done. So if you want Cutler, pull the trigger or someone else will.

Lastly, Amani Toomer. See link from top. Ya think we would overlook his parting shot at the Giants for how they browned up in the playoff game vs the Eagles?!!! Not a chance.

Toomer said he will never believe that the Giants were not good enough to win a second straight championship last season. "We beat Philly in the regular season, lost to them in the regular season, and for some reason we overlooked them in the playoffs," Toomer said. "We practiced and prepared well. But we tried to beat them the same way we did the first time. We overemphasized things from the first time. We stayed the same. They adjusted. The rest is what happened. A shame."

This is piece of evidence number 38 that Gilbrown (and Coughlin) was the root of all incompetence here. Now we have a player SPELLING OUT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON. Gilbrown does not make the adjustments, and when we win it is often despite him. He had a freaking do-over and still blew it. It took one of his FORMER players to finally tell the truth. Carl Banks was nice enough to validate our thoughts, but Toomer closes the door on any remaining debate. Remember that Toomer did not say a word about Manning's bad day at the office. HE SPECIFICALLY TARGETED THE FLAWED OFFENSIVE GAMEPLAN. So when anyone tells you it was Burress being hurt or Manning playing poorly, please calmly explain to them that GILBROWN IS THE WEAKEST LINK.


Daniel said...

Burress is charged with a C felony right now. We're still pre-indictment, so he *could* plead out to a misdemeanor that'll get him your 90 days, but that isn't going to happen. The Manhattan County DA's office isn't interested in giving less than a year on gun charges. No way is Burress coming back for the 09 season.

Andy F. said...

If the DA will not buckle on a year of jail, then both the Giants and Burress have indeed lost.

Andy F. said...

It's the obstruction of justice that the DA is probably fixed on. We are focused on the gun charges, but there was the hospital employee who did not report the gunshot wound. That is why this is going to end badly. Like Martha Stewart, the DA will not back off when it is obstruction.

Bob said...

It seemed obvious to us that Gilbrown was a major problem, now Toomer & Banks have validated it.
The next question is why hasn't JR
stepped in to remedy this problem.
He's been very aggressive in free agency, but not in correcting problems in his own staff.

Despite the above, if we had a wideout with Plax's capabilities, we could have made a serious run in the playoffs, even despite Gillbrown. Remember, we beat the Stleers in their place during the season.

Craig said...

we beat the steelers bc they didnt invest in a long snapper. its a nice win but dont get worked up about it

NYG24 said...

Only QB out of Cleveland worth anything is Brady Quinn. Denver already has Chris Simms who is a much better QB than Anderson. Anderson should have been traded before last season when he did have value. Now everyone sees the choker he is and was the day Cleveland lost to Cinci to cost them a playoff berth 2 years ago with his 4 interceptions. Anderson might be traded but not in that deal to Denver anyway.

Gilad said...

Yeah, Derek Anderson is a Pro-Bowl quarterback in pretty much the same sense that Stephon Marbury is an All-Star point guard.

That Cutler kid throws a pretty tight spiral ... think he could play in the wind? Just wondering ...

Bob said...


You sound like a Steelers fan.

One bad snap by the Steelers doesn't mean we were lucky to win that game.

The fact is that on THAT SUNDAY we were the better team. They couldn't
compensate for the error on the bad snap, but we capitalized on it.


Andy F. said...

The Steeler game was Gilgarbage at his best, blowing it on the first 5 possessions in the red zone, coming away with a grand total of 12 humpty points on 4 FGs. Then he wakes the brown up on the final possession and instead of running the ball up the teeth where 14 steelers were waiting, he does play action, the TE Boss is wide open with no one a million yards from him and we win 21-14. And there is Gilgenius on the sideline smiling, how good am I! We won that game despite him, would have won by 20 points with any other coordinator.

Anderson has been hurt a lot; they could have Quinn in that deal and Cleveland would be just as well off.

Yes, Cutler would have 'slightly' more success in the NJ Meadowlands wind than Eli Manning.

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