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Friday, April 10, 2009

John Mara speaks to Chris Russo

Mara was interviewed on Sirius radio by Chris Russo.

The comments by Mara confirm and clarify initial reports for the Giants' reasons behind the decision to let Burress go.

Russo asked him about the PSLs and we got a candid admission...

Garafolo: I caught the tail end of the interview when I got back in the car and heard Mara talking about PSLs. Russo had told him Wellington "is tossing up in heaven, going crazy" about the PSLs and Mara responded by saying his late father "was dealing with a completely different set of circumstances than we're dealing with right here." He also added with a laugh his father "never really would have let us go into this new building in the first place if he (had his way)" and that Wellington "was happy with the Polo Grounds. He told me that over and over again."

Well, we are shocked, shocked to find gambling is going on in here! NOT. Wellington Mara had his way all the way up until he died. And that is why they are dealing with "a completely different set of circumstances" now.


James Allen said...

Translation: John thinks his dad was an idealistic old fool who didn't know how to properly soak the fans for every penny he could get.

Owners think you are idiots. Get used to it, sports fans.

Andy F. said...

Mara is laughing at himself for being such a fool, building at the top of the boom, paying top dollar for everything, selling his PSLs into the teeth of the recession, getting screwed by Lehman for 300M ... THOSE are the "different set of circumstances" where the fans get to bail his *** out with these PSLs.

Last night I was with a relative who was a seasons tickets holder to the Redskins. He gave up his seats two years ago because of the big screen tv. Came to the same conclusion many of us did- that at a certain point the experience just isn't worth 'that much' to be rooting for them at the stadium over rooting for them at home.

Mitch said...

I'm curious....VERY CURIOUS...to see how the new fan base translates to us having our Home Field Advantage in 2010. It might turn out to be a Home Field Disadvantage. Giants fans have always been the ones to "curb their enthusiasm" in relation to others around the league. I guess we shall see.

Last night I was among my relatives as well and we had this very discussion. I said I'm perfectly fine with my large flat screen and home comforts. I too am contributing to a "possibly" less passionate crowd at the games.

The Mara's and Tisch's may very well rue the day they decided that greed is inevitably is good.

Anonymous said...

Hey whats up,

Just wanted to come by and introduce ourselves to you. I am one of the writers from the new Giants fan blog, GIANTStalk.com. I wanted to contact all other bloggers because we are pretty much a brotherhood for all the love we show to the team. I was thinking that maybe we should do a link exchange to let our readers know other places they can go to for more Giants information.

Let me know what you think.

Super Bowl XLII - Giants = 17, Patriots = 14.


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