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Monday, April 6, 2009

Size matters- bigger is better

On Friday, after Plaxico Burress was cut, Trent Dilfer made the simple observation that Eli Manning needs that big and tall option (because he is not an accurate QB).

Shockey 6'5"
Toomer 6'3"
Burress 6'5"

Smith 5'11"
Moss 5'8"
Hixon 6'2" (really?, I read somewhere else 5'11")
Manningham 5'11"

Not Gone, but forgotten:
Boss 6'6"

REHASH FROM SATURDAY: There is a guy out there who is tall (6'5"), caught 96 passes, was 12th in the league in receiving yards (1058), has expressed interest in a trade, would welcome coming to the Giants, has ZERO character issues, would not be that expensive, holds onto the ball, has been to 10 probowls including this past season... his name? Tony Gonzalez. Gonzalez has been lined up as a WR often in his career, and could fill a BIG void.


Anonymous said...

Then there's Ramses Barden a WR from Cal Poly. He's 6'6" and around 230 lbs. Those numbers are familiar. I'm sure he can be worse than Manningham but it's hard to imagine.

Andy F. said...

I think that Britt being 6'3" tall makes him much more likely to be getting that consideration because of what Eli needs. I do not know about Barden (I'll ask Wonder), but I would bet that Reese is going to target this type of a big receiver, whether he is highly ranked in round 1 or projected at round 3 etc... (Let's not forget that a guy like McCaffrey was a #3 and Jurevicius was a #2. They take time but they can win you a ring. Both were 6'5".) The Giants have the small WRs, they need BIG ones, and that is the message, that Reese is going to draft complimentary size, all else equal. Wonder also talks about WRs who "play tall," those that are strong, aggressive, big and strong hands. Fitzgerald is 6'3" but he plays like he is 6'6", never loses the jump ball.

Bob said...

Gonzalez is a good idea, if the price is reasonable.

There is also a guy who is 6'3",
works well with Manning, knows the Giants system well, has no character issues. His name is Toomer. I think we should consider Toomer for a one year renewal until we get the new wideouts up to speed. He could be a great situational WR fill-in for the NYG.

Anonymous said...

When the Cardinals chose Fitzgerald I was surprised. With Boldin already on the team I figured Denny Green, who I like, was getting personal instead of staying professional. Boy, was I wrong. I don't watch much college football so I didn't know how good he looked in college. Of all the ballyhooed wide receivers to come from college lately Fitzgerald is the only one to live up to the hype.

Craig said...

Patrick Turner 6'5" 223 lbs out of USC, during their pro day i heard the giants were paying more attention to him than the LBs. If we can get a big WR in like 3rd or 4th with size then we are made. OT, LB, SS, TE, OT again we should get depth everywhere.

xtian said...

you know reese is going to do something, we just don't know what! ;)

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