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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Those empty seats at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field

I'm shocked, shocked to find empty seats at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. C'mon! These sports franchises are living in fantasyland. This would be a joke if it weren't so sad. But we have been warning about high ticket prices and PSLs for over a year. No, we are not shocked.

1 comment:

Andrew Nisinson said...

Been to Citi Field twice now, and it's amazing (when the Mets win...). Went there on my birthday and saw Sheffield hit his 500th. Seat prices definitely have to come down, but the food IS really really good, and it's so much better than Shea Stadium (the ugliest monstrosity in the history of organized sports). It was full of many good memories, although sadly I was too young to actually appreciate or be aware of the 1986 team. Citi Field was necessary, the Mets have become a much larger and more popular franchise than ever before. The Yankees on the other hand, just wanted another super expensive makeover, and their stadium looks great too. BUT the ticket prices at the new Yankee stadium, make you think you're in the meadowlands. Citi field is selling out the pricey seats and the cheap seats. The seats that have not been getting filled are in the mid-range. Clearly they are going to have to lower the mid-range a bit.
Anyway, if anyone gets a chance to go to either or both of the new stadiums, you really should. They are both great (although citi is better) ;)

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